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  1. J

    The ninja update!

    Yea, I am still missing my Eyelander even though I have all three demoman milestones.
  2. J

    Control point mini-contest upload thread

    Jazz cpoint_jazz Download
  3. J

    IRON MAPPER: Friday October 23rd

    -[RcR]- Mike
  4. J

    Frostbite [WIP]

    Thanks for the good feedback on the gamedays guys! Here's alpha 5! Getting closer to b1, less and less layout changes are being made.
  5. J

    Oil Rig

    I think there is already a map named oil rig...
  6. J

    Frostbite [WIP]

    The point was originally on a hill, but that was too easy for heavies to camp and just mow everyone down. I've got some nice results with the sunken point. ALPHA 4 UPDATE!!! Get it here - Made mid more open. - Move health packs to make the more visible. - Removed building to the left of...
  7. J

    calculatedChaos playTest [List Updated Monday Mornings]

    koth_frostbite please!
  8. J

    Frostbite [WIP]

    Updated to Alpha 3! Finally! Added a quicker route to the point via the main building. Redesigned the cap area.
  9. J

    The "I just got a hat" celebration thread

    I got the Demoman's Fro this morning! YES!
  10. J

    Community Project Vote, #2

    It should be a mix between snow and spytech!
  11. J

    Contest #9 (Swamp) Upload thread.

    Forum name: Jazz Map name: swamp_jazz Download: Here!
  12. J

    Frostbite [WIP]

    Woops! I forgot to playerclip the roofs and add health and ammo! Alpha 2 is out, now with health and ammo packs!
  13. J

    Frostbite [WIP]

    Yes, thanks. Thanks everyone, all testing of this map would be greatly appreciated!
  14. J

    Frostbite [WIP]

    The coolest map around! Current Version: Alpha 5 My stab at the snow theme. This KOTH map should be a cross between Well and Viaduct style-wise. Wanted to make a KOTH map because I really enjoy the game mode. Testing would really be appreciated!
  15. J

    [Particles] Weather Effects with Collisions!

    I would like this too!
  16. J

    A classless Update! Day 1: 18 New Hats! New Community Map!

    Well this is just great, more hats for me to not get!
  17. J

    ***Mapping Contest #9 'The Swamp Theme'***

    I would like to know the answer to this question as well.
  18. J

    ***Mapping Contest #9 'The Swamp Theme'***

    I guess since we are all sharing... Just a teaser, much more swamp behind this.
  19. J

    PLR Contest Playtest

    Please test my map :3 PLR Thunderhead [Contest Entry] - Forums
  20. J

    The Competitive Player: A Custom Mapper's Perspective

    I'm in the comp scene and I don't try to make maps for one particular group, I just try to make the best map I can and be happy with it.