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    CTF Biomass

    itt jealous map makers with no understanding of mid to high level gameplay complain about swaty and his maps
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    I would consider removing the destructable walls from the lower path between mid and point 2. Having them there just serves to slow down gameplay for no real reason, and the third path is all but necessary considering how close together and narrow the other two paths are. One way or the other, I...
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    CP Silvertrail

    Looking good!
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    Vote for valve! ;)

    How is id software a 15 seed and turbine a 1? turbine hasn't even made a good game while id pioneered the entire FPS genre. Voted for valve.
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    CP Furnace Creek

    Any ETA on the first beta?
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    How do you enable stopwatch?

    Icarus has it. You need a team point awarded for every capture point, so the stopwatch knows how many you got.
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    Is there a download link for this?
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    CP Yukon

    Yea...+1 for yukon, I liked that name.
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    You've made improvements with some of the map exploits I mentioned awhile back, there is still work to be done. -As a blue soldier, you can rocket jump straight up in spawn and fire rockets down onto point A. As a demo you can simply spam pipes over the top. Not only does the large rock...
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    I'm looking forward to seeing the changes!
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    [WIP] cp_mapnel

    Don't forget to keep updating your original post with the download link for the most current version.
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    Post some screens.
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    I thought the metal was kinda weird the first time I saw it too, but now I think it looks cool. Just give it time to grow on you Sgt Frag :)
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    Furnace Creek (cp_furnace)

    Engineers are used all the time on gravelpit in 6v6. Sometimes teams will even run an engi at A to stall the other team instead of a scout.
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    CP Map Symmetry - Is Mirroring too Confusing?

    cp_resonance is a GREAT map that uses reflectional symmetry. It's also a relatively simple map, which helps. It's in a "U" shape.
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    Mar = Helsing7

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    There are still a lot of places to get stuck on trying to walk up and down ramps, small hills, logs, etc. Just be sure to go over the map with a fine-tooth comb and playerclip the ground so it's nice and smooth any place there is a transition in height.
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    Egypt textures?

    Why are you guys insisting a theme must be 100% realistic in TF2? Are you playing the same game I am? If it looks good, has that old-style cartoony feel (which egypt does), and plays well then who cares if egyptian hieroglyphs are "appropriate" for the era. The famous quake map "the longest...
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    Egypt textures?

    You all just got owned by apom.
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    Egypt textures?

    And too many desert themed maps wouldn't be overkill? I say make your map however you want to make it, and if it's good enough no one will care if there's another map with a similar aesthetic.