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    The EVIL GENIUS pack

    Hmm ... could it be programmed to hurl flesh ? Got a room handy to house/showcase it ? 8-)
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    RED Wind Turbines

    oki-doke. I'll shelve it and work on something else then. cheers!
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    RED Wind Turbines

    a quick blocking ... nothing concrete yet. I see that Seba started something but it's been a month and no forward movement i guess means he's shelved it? Anyhoo, i'll take a stab at this, looks interesting. You have a level built for this? How far along is it?
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    Model UGLYmissile

    i guess not. But you'll have to edit the texture on the missile a bit cuz there's ambient occlusion baked into the side that'll look kinda wierd.
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    Heavy statuettes revealed

    Overheard at the tf2 character statuette meeting: "What should we charge for these figures?" .. "I dunno, $100? Who's our target audience?" ... "Teenagers?" ... <laughing> "You kidding? They're only a fraction of our playerbase" ... "It's mostly folks in their 20's or 30's with loads...
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    Concept Payload Cart

    Some models just never get a skin. I've got folders full of 'em to prove it!
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    Model custom rocket model for last cp

    DONE. Thanks for another wonderful texturemap Boylee!
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    Model UGLYmissile

    DONE. Ready for download. Thanks for another wonderful texturemap Boylee!
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    Justin Bieber + U Smile song + slowed to 800% = AWESOME!

    Transcendental Ambient from the most unlikely source. wow!
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    Model UGLYmissile

    You got that from me or the OP here ... Nutomic's original request was for a missile 400units high. I'll get in the habit from now on of placing a person beside my props for scale.
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    Model UGLYmissile

    ok, can folks talk to me in units and scale ? I still don't understand what scale would make everyone comfortable. (Nutomic, I'll leave the missile at this scale unless you want it changed) Right now the missile itself is around 80units in diameter and ~780units high. Which works quite nicely...
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    New maper is looking for help

    aye, no img is displaying for me grasshoppah' First lesson, sharing your screenshots 8-) Welcome to - lotsa smart and generous nerds here!
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    Model UGLY's Vines

    ok, so here are the four primary variations. All four sets have 2 LODs ... everything uses the same single texture file. Looking at my planfile, there's still one set of variations missing. It allows the mapper to tile the ivy to any length and includes two 'bookend' bits that end the tiling...
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    Texture sky_nightmine_01

    Good point. More of an etiquette thing. I think the trouble is that there's no WIP section for static props and maps. In my case i've created three projects - and the release thread becomes my WIP. I provide some download links here and there, but inside the thread, not activating the...
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    Model UGLYmissile

    Well I'm confused now, are we talkin' diameter here? I'm lookin' at the cruise missile and I don't see any resemblance. I based the silhouette on an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. I thought the resemblance was very close. hmm. The only variable that's a bit out of whack is the models...
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    Model Japanese Style Paper Lanterns

    good job earky!
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    Model UGLYmissile

    @Mick: Thanks for your thoughts dude. The scale of the missile was determined by Nutomic in his request OP. 400u. The diameter and height are not set in stone - in fact, the model could be enlarged so that it took up the whole diameter of the opening - if one chose to. Pretty easy to do...
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    Model UGLYmissile

    lolz. we got a bunch 'uh fin aficionados in our midst. I guess this is what goes for nitpicking around here? hehe. I'll drop the uppermost fins. @Grim: legal? if you mean if I'd mind anyone using it for the artpass I'd say go for it. I'll have my lawyers contact your lawyers, k?
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    Model UGLYmissile

    Nutomic PM'd me and let me know he liked the idea of bigger fins too! So voila! Bigger fins and I've also adjusted the nose cone a wee bit ... 8-)