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    Mvm Robot Icons

    Already tried this thing and works for myself. The only 2 differences is that I took my custom vtfs directly from the image inventory of the corresponding weapon in TF2 files, but the 3D wiki looks much better. This still merits a "Thanks".
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    Pyrovision for all maps

    This mtp file enables pyrovision in all the maps you want. If you add a custom map to it, you should use tf2 original textures, otherwise, it would be buggy. I think I saw somewhere the re-textured Mannworks map, more friendly with PyroV. Currently looking for it. ;) Edit: --> screen of...
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    [MvM] Robot Problems? HELP!

    This works perfectly now! I will upload a MvM map soon (will be probably medieval ;-)). Thx for support.
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    [MvM] Robot Problems? HELP!

    Yay, thank you very much Aly!!!! It will helps me a lot! I will try it as soon as possible.
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    [MvM] Robot Problems? HELP!

    Hi, everyone ;). So here is my situation: I wanted to create my own MvM map with Hammer for TF2, and I wanted to start easily cuz I'm still a beginner... I had a look to the mvm_example given by Valve, and I created the hatch and its corresponding triggers, sounds, particles + all the Game...