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  1. Mr. P. Kiwi

    Arena - Gameplay flow

    I'm considering making an arena map with the control point on a two-story bridge between the two bases. Now I thought it through and imagined that all the battles would happen on the upper story of the bridge, although I want the battles to be circular chases up and down the bridge, like most...
  2. Mr. P. Kiwi

    Meet the Medic

    I can't quite put my finger on it, but who is this: She appears there when the heavy's heart is blown into Archimedes... Any thoughts? Is Valve teasing something new, because as you all know, modelling another woman for no one to see is hard work... ALso she looks a lot like...
  3. Mr. P. Kiwi

    [Particle System] Large fire

    There are also the extremely smoky ones from dustbowl - smoke_blackbillow_dustbowl_skybox It's a smoke column with flame at the bottom
  4. Mr. P. Kiwi

    Planning out a map?

    I recommened, as everyone else has, to first sketch it on paper. Once you have your alpha ready, there is no need to sketch anymore, only hammer it. A good sketch, I think, comes when I'm not thinking on what I should do for a map. I start drawing random boxes and rectangles that are connected...
  5. Mr. P. Kiwi

    General art thread

    Some animations I did months ago, for a short flash movie I probably never finish. But I might...
  6. Mr. P. Kiwi

    CP Rough Water

    Looking good! I really like the dam, hope you can see it from the playable are, too! One thing though, I haven't played it but the way from the middle point to where I believe the second one is looks really long. But it might play well, something to think about. Keep up the great work!
  7. Mr. P. Kiwi

    General art thread

    A poster I made when some of my friends came back from Australia. Not a masterpiece, but I like it.
  8. Mr. P. Kiwi

    Caption This! (TF2 style)

    I don't have any idea for the previous ones, but I have for this. Fireworks.
  9. Mr. P. Kiwi

    Genetic Algorithm used to build a car with the Box2D physics library.

    Mine are built for spikes: Oh, evolution.
  10. Mr. P. Kiwi

    CP Slush

    I've been wondering, is this a symmetrical map? I think that maps like these should be asymmetrical, it might be more fun - but I guess more work. Just something to consider.
  11. Mr. P. Kiwi

    WIP -- Lyzák [symm v. asymm]

    It looks like a really fun area to play. Hope the other points won't disappoint my expectations. But if that blue thing is indeed water, you should move them away. Imagine this: x1 RED pyro x5 BLU players (capturing the point) The pyro will come to burn them, they will jump in the water...
  12. Mr. P. Kiwi

    Bullet Crops content released.

    Which is not such a bad thing.
  13. Mr. P. Kiwi

    Win $50 Steam Game

    It's right on the top of the screen, a big, white bandwidth. With big friendly words that say: "hello there guest! register here!" EDIT: Ravidge done that before me, oh well.
  14. Mr. P. Kiwi

    VDC re-write project

    I agree with YM. When I said we should 'fix one article each' I didn't mean fixing the good ones. There are a lot of useful articles there that are not outdated, and will never be. I found it to be a riliable source of information and most of the time it covers the basics guide-lines, the ones...
  15. Mr. P. Kiwi

    VDC re-write project

    I think it's a nice idea, too. But I don't think we should do perfect - that every last article is re-written, we can just say 'fix one article'. Maybe it wouldn't be complete but 200+ new re-written articles without a lot of effort is a pretty good achievement. I would happily devote some of...
  16. Mr. P. Kiwi

    Which would you rather see?

    I don't see why you need to rebuild Hoodoo. If you're going to completely rebuild it and only keep the visual style you can just call the "new" map something else. Make a new map.
  17. Mr. P. Kiwi

    CP Bee Cave

    That's just like cp_Steel. Actually, one point might work well. Hydro is sort of one point, but you'll have to keep in mind that the capture should be harder. People won't enjoy the map if BLU wins each stage in 2 minutes. Make 6 minutes for a capture.
  18. Mr. P. Kiwi

    PL Morrigan Alley

    Wow! That's awesome; I believe no one wants to die that way... But I have two questions, one if the door close when a player comes picking the health kit, is it really collectable? And, why aren't you using your nice meat model? Anyway, looking good! Keep up the great work.
  19. Mr. P. Kiwi

    PL Morrigan Alley

    So evil! Seriously, one of the most horrible inventions of all time. But it looks nice, as a start. Remember, some models can get up to 3000 polys (Like some rocks and the piano from cp_mann_manor). Maybe make a closed version of it, too. I've waited and haven't seen this go on the EU server...
  20. Mr. P. Kiwi

    The Construction Pack is Now Live

    How come no one saw it coming? Well, I guess I have some downloading to now! Great work guys!