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  1. Fireman

    The "Game" game

  2. Fireman

    The "Game" game

    Dance Dance Revolution
  3. Fireman

    The "Game" game

  4. Fireman

    Gaming Snack Food?

    From what I've seen at the various LANs I've been to: Soda - I know this might be obvious, but it's a staple. Try and pick a few varieties to cover different tastes (a cola, a lemon-lime, an orange maybe, you get the picture) Fresh Carrots, broccoli, etc and dip - I know, WTF HEALTHY FOOD...
  5. Fireman

    School Schedules

    At the moment, what I'm looking at is this. Depending on how my proficiency test this afternoon goes, this could be completely different come tomorrow morning, though. Oh, and apparently the bio prof I have is rather bad, so I may switch into a different section/lab science there.
  6. Fireman

    How to fling players?

    @joodude That's cp_smbcastle2 Used to love it, I might add
  7. Fireman

    TF2M D&D Night!

    I'd be interested in filling that slot, but when do you guys think you'll be playing next? I have classes starting next week, and right now it looks like Wednesdays and Thursdays are not going to be an option for me EDIT: Here's my level 3 character sheet anyway, hopefully my schedule will...
  8. Fireman

    Yakuza 3 gets a review from... Yakuza!

    I was kind of surprised at how open they were about talking to that reporter
  9. Fireman


    I'd really like to see the second to last point played properly. We really didn't have the time to set up a defense what with the whole console enforced capture of the third point. :D
  10. Fireman


    Really does look nice, but those pointed tops on some of the buildings in the second screen really bother me. I don't think they really fit too well into the egypt theme
  11. Fireman

    How Deprived Was Your Life At The Age Of 14

    8 before 14, 12 now. Like others have said, not a huge movie person.
  12. Fireman

    Super Ultimate Never Ending Fight thread.

    Falcon Punch. Falcon Punch vs. Kamehameha
  13. Fireman

    CP Tidal

    Really like the look of this, I'll be on the lookout for servers running it.
  14. Fireman

    Super Ultimate Never Ending Fight thread.

    A Hand A Hand vs. A Foot
  15. Fireman

    TF2M D&D Night!

    Woop, time to start wrangling people around here together to start up some games, i guess. Gotta learn to move faster on committing to these things, hopefully I'll be able to jump if you guys decide to this again.
  16. Fireman

    TF2M D&D Night!

    Is it too late to join the party? EDIT: Note that I'm still in the process of familiarizing myself with the rules, complete newbie to the game here.
  17. Fireman

    I do believe i'm on fire

  18. Fireman

    TF2M Minecraft?

    I'm getting a failed to connect message both using the thread link, and using the one on the site's server list.
  19. Fireman

    Oil Rig

    General consensus was the area around mid was very open, being prone to sniper and wrangler sentry fire from either team's side. Generally anyone that stood on the point ended up getting spammed to death by the other team. It has potential, but really needs some cover added and sightlines broken up.