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  1. Mrperson(ita)

    what is the best way to make a cave in hammer?

    I am creating my first map (CTF) and i wanted to set it in a cave with a big cliff in the middle area. I came up with 2 methods to make the cave ceiling and i don't know which one is better. 1) create a combination of props and use them to build everything. 2) create it with brushes and then...
  2. Mrperson(ita)

    if i compile a hammer map without launching tf2 how do i load the map?

    I have to say i just started creating maps today and of course i ran into a problem. i have created a simple box with a spawn point inside. when i try to run the map the compiler opens tf2 but then closes it. i tought that running the map without opening tf2 would erase the problem but I don't...