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    Left 4 Dead 2 on the weekend?

    which half of the planet are we in? If it's EU I'll play. Can we Mumble up?
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    VSH Octagon

    Shoutout to myself: I'm cool with you keeping this name if you like. pl_octagon isn't in active development atm and even if it was VSH and ordinary TF2 are far enough away from each other that there's no real clash in misunderstanding.
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    72hr Contest Improvements

    I know I put my "thanks" on there but I want to reiterate what YM said. I made a 72 hour map, but I actually gave up and didn't even submit an a1 because it was massively underscaled (I'm rusty) and I didn't want to waste any more time. It's bad enough fitting all this work into 72 hours and...
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    MvM and Gunmettle Update: Major Game Changes

    They fixed the Crusader's Crossbow having seemingly infinite firing speed when you upgrade the clip size just a couple weeks after the Two Cities update. It wasn't as good as it sounds: the reload is as normal, but you emptied a clip of 10 syringes fast enough that uber medics couldn't pop...
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    What do you think of my layout ?

    Is the control point room just a square? If it is, I'd have to warn you off the way your designing the map altogether: the most important bit of your map, especially a koth map, is the point and the area around it. Design that first, then work out how to get there from spawn after that. If you...
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    KotH Hangar

    There is an existing map called cp_hangar - I know it. About a year old. Trying to find it now...
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    Tarnish Notte the Majesty

    I reccomend a beard. I grew one straight out of school and I instantly became John Hammond.
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    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    Just checked, and here's how to do it: hit "User Control Panel" in the log in panel under the tf2maps banner at the top of the page, then hit "Edit Options" in the toolbar on the left side, and scroll down until you find "Thread Display Options". There, you can turn off Signatures, as well as...
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    TW Gamemode Help

    If a single team manages to cap all seven points, I can't help but think they should win, because the other team is getting completely rolled.
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    KotH Ramjam

    Just spoke to my team leader from when we played it in UGC and she still has her POV and comms. Thought it might be a fun watch. I asked her what she remembered from the map and she just said people had fps drops at mid (although the jittering in the videos are her recording software, not her...
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    Why do you love steam convos?

    I've just realised that Saint's Row and Bloodbourne are basically mechanically identical.
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    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    I mean, you coulda spoiler'd them.
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    KotH Ramjam

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    KotH Ramjam

    Send me a PM next week or a couple of weeks from now when I'm not doing exams and I'll download it and I'll try to go through and look for graphical glitches and clipping and such. I'd love to see this map done and dusted and I always feel it's a bit sad when a good map doesn't quite get the...
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    I'm new... hi

    Hi New Here, I'm Rubbishy! Good luck on making your first map! We've got some great resources in the tutorials section if you ever need anything.
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    KotH Ramjam

    Oh, eerrrrrr... what were the radical changes? I always thought this map was pretty cool. What feedback did you get from the UGC guys? I know Glassworks made it in next season, which I'm not really surprised by, so I guess it's not surprising that you're not in for another season. Are you at a...
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    What makes a good Engineer Sentry location?

    Hi, engineer main here. Badwater is a good example because every point has 3 real sentry spots: one spot without health and ammo that watches the cart and is in good cover (in the cubby by point 1, for example), one spot with plenty of health, ammo, and cover but that does not watch the cart...
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    My opinion on the new site update.

    I, for one, look forward to the changes whatever rank I come out as. I've tried to keep a ratio of more than 1 like for every 2 posts for a long time now and I like to think that's kept me saying things that matter, be it helpful, informative or witty and I thank posts under those exact same...
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    My opinion on the new site update.

    So I can only see the borderless icons on SR. staff so far and I already really like it. That's much better in my opinion. Thanks for doing this Ibo!
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    My opinion on the new site update.

    I'm gonna agree with HQ on this one but I don't think it's a huge problem - and that possibly toning down the colours (particularly on Senior Staff, imo) or getting rid of the outline could stop it being quite so distracting. Remember this sort of thing varies from monitor to monitor - some...