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  1. Earl


    After watching the demo, here are some consolidated comments: - Slightly messed up doors (I'm aware of this) - Needs more detail (I really tried on this one -- countless hours putting detail everywhere... ) - Boring skybox (I did spruce it up, and also tried to make the rest of the level...
  2. Earl


    No, you are not mistaken, I started working on this almost 2 years ago. I had my ennui sapped by a full-time job for a year, so progress was non-existent.
  3. Earl


    Bump for RC release!
  4. Earl

    do you need to pakrat hl2 textures?

    If it appears in the hammer texture browser by default, you don't have to pakrat it.
  5. Earl

    Idea For Vetting - Ball Pit

    You might be able to fake it with some sort of particle system.
  6. Earl

    Spotlight sprites

    Yeah, the "start on" flag was the problem. Tricky Valve...
  7. Earl

    Spotlight sprites

    So i finally got around to compiling with a point_spotlight, and nothing shows up. Any ideas?
  8. Earl

    Waiting for contests to end

    I'm working towards a final release of my map that I started working on almost 2 years ago...
  9. Earl

    Spotlight sprites

    Is there a good way to make the spot/floodlight sprites always align on an arbitrary axis? I have a few flood lights that point at an oblique angle, and I can't get the light beam sprite to align properly.
  10. Earl

    Intel room escape chute: to be deadly or not to be?

    I think jumping over the hole and just dropping it would be legit. If someone's skilled enough to do that, then they deserve not to have to suicide.
  11. Earl

    Hammer vs. Sandbox

    Well, CryEngine3 can get away with this because everything is dynamically lit. Source has static (but nicer) lighting, which is why it takes >10 minutes to compile a decent sized map.
  12. Earl

    Community Project Vote

    I would like to steal credit for the KOTH/TC idea: TC with KotH - Although, I never went anywhere with the idea...
  13. Earl

    Rename cp_youme: have your say!

    Holy crap that first screenshot is amazing!!! :P
  14. Earl

    How do I make tall grass?

    The most practical way I've seen this done is with a model that is a section of dense foliage. The model is rather simple in geometry, and just has a semi-transparent texture that makes up the blades of grass. The model has no collision mesh.
  15. Earl

    What do you dislike about Hammer?

    Check it out, displacements: Now I can start work on the actual UI. Very slow progress due to sparse free time.
  16. Earl

    Items being drawn behind skybox?

    Yeah, sounds like a full VVIS will solve your problems.
  17. Earl


    No, I totally understand. It's just that I've stared at this map for so long as I was making it that its hard to be objective and see its problems. I really need the 3rd party feedback.
  18. Earl


    We're going to be playing this map tonight on the Renegade Heroes server: In fact it's the current map right now.
  19. Earl


    Repetative textures seems to be an inherent problem with this map, due ot the large open spaces and straight lines. How would you propose I fix this? There's only so much decals, details, and doodads can do. I'm really open to any ideas. You're forgetting about Blue Corn Co. This is just...
  20. Earl


    CP_Dryer is an asymmetrical push map with an Agro-Industrial theme. I have tried to make it as balanced as possible, despite both sides being distinct. Parts of Dryer are based on a place from real life -- a rice dryer, which is where Dryer gets its name. After a bunch of work, the map is...