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    Scout Update Info!

    Ah, I thought you were talking specifically about the Uber. It'd be a bad idea if the mechanic was easy to use, difficult to dodge, or more debilitating than outright death (e.g. hitscan, area-effect, rapid-fire, or a minute-long stun). As much emphasis as Valve places on testing, though...
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    Scout Update Info!

    On the other hand, if a second or two of stun can break your entire push, your team is doing something wrong. I don't think the Uber needs the nerf, but I've no pity for a team that depends so much on two people.
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    The main battlefield looks pretty good. I agree that the upper part of the silos should be accessible to more classes; they let players trade security for tactical advantage. For example, the middle silo lets snipers fire over most of the cover that inhibits rear-echelon snipers, but it also...
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    Using HL2 content

    Dammit, where's the "It depends on whether it looks good or not" option?
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    How does this mode sound?

    Ideally, the CP is far enough from either spawn that a forward base becomes necessary. And even if this isn't the case, a well-positioned sentry can prevent anyone from capturing the point until it's removed.
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    How does this mode sound?

    I like the idea; it'd make it harder to turtle until sudden death, which is how most of my tc_hydro games have ended.
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    New Map Concept

    It's kinda hard to read your layout. You might want to look at Inkscape or SketchUp, they're both free and they're both very good for drawing things. ETA: You're planning on doing an asymmetrical map, right? That'll be tough to balance, but it'll be a lot of fun if you can work it out.
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    Contest idea thread!

    How about an "alpha" contest? You're limited to development textures and simple geometric shapes; the goal is to create a map that is fun to play despite a complete lack of visual detail. We could announce it alongside a regular mapping contest and let people submit detailed versions of their...
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    Running Hammer on a comp that can't run TF2

    On that note, laptop RAM is pretty cheap. Not all laptops have an extra memory slot, though, and they can be less-than-convenient to reach.
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    Calling all mappers

    Lighting would be a pretty simple fix, too, wouldn't it? Raise the environmental light level by a bit, maybe add some fog for ambience.
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    Srsly, WTF¿?¿?¿?

    Hmm. We're not going to agree on this; I think pretty much everything is fair game for well-done mockery. Not that I think this map is "well-done mockery"...I'm just amused that people are criticizing the map instead of saying "Dude, not funny".
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    Srsly, WTF¿?¿?¿?

    I think the best part is the part where everyone knows it's a joke submission but insists on critiquing it like a serious effort.
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    New way to map?

    Scanner paints a virtual crime scene (New Scientist). Basically, a New Zealand-based company is working on technology that lets you use a digital camera and a heap of lasers to build a 3D model of a real-world environment. The article is about how they're going to use it for forensics, but...
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    I just had the best idea for a Scout unlockable

    I'd like to see the Scout continue capping for a few seconds after he stops touching a point or cart...I haven't suggested it on the Steam forums because just reading posts over there is infuriating. :cursing:
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    Attack of the Spam Bots!

    I think asking the admins to thoroughly vet all new users is a bit much, but maybe there's a way to trim down the number of new users that need to be checked. Set something up so that a user's first post must be a new thread in the introductory forum. If this first post meets certain criteria...
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    Have you played or seen balloon racing maps?

    The concept itself isn't a bad one -- it's like a two-cart payload map. It can work as long the losing team has the hope of a comeback.
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    Have you played or seen balloon racing maps?

    The biggest problem I see with it is that the losing team can't really do anything to catch up; to win, you just need to spawn camp until your team has a decent head start. What you'd want is a race around a circular area, with spawn points in the center, perhaps on a cliff above the ships...
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    Watch Youme map live!

    It wouldn't hurt to record 'em, especially if you can't have more than a few viewers. Worst case, you can delete them after your thirty days are up. Best case, you've got something interesting on record.