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  1. Tupperwits

    KotH Crosstower

    I'm quite liking this. Loving the platforms along the edges, I'd prefer another door to avoid the dead end but that might make them OP so I don't know. Also the spawn yard exits are quite close together so could do with another exit to the left side, maybe to that balcony if you gave it some...
  2. Tupperwits

    KotH Netherlands

    Pretty good layout but definitely needs health packs away from the point.
  3. Tupperwits

    Would my first map's layout work ?

    This. First glance, each route is a choke from the moment they split, the player has no options. TF2 mapping is all about making chokepoints fun. Also this kind of plan is far too simple. I mean this is Cp_steel but a map made from this wouldn't be Cp_steel Most people Ive seen use...
  4. Tupperwits

    Why do you not like CTF?

    The winning formula for popular gamemodes are the feedback loops and game mechanics that encourage the end game with a victory and a defeat. If nobody did anything on Payload a team would still win. In Ctf one capture is no different from the next. Your reward for capturing is a temporary...
  5. Tupperwits

    Moonrat's Big Fucking Dump

    Don't be so hard on yourself dude. It is incredibly demoralizing because mapping is incredibly hard. It's like being told there's no right answers and then constantly being told you're wrong. Look at my legacy, an invalid file, a map that proves I don't know how to pack and an arena map that...
  6. Tupperwits

    72hr Contest and Fundraiser

    A very good point, I'll be as transparent as possible. I'm raising for child reach international, a uk based charity that works for the rights of children to health and education. They currently have a variety of projects running in Bangladesh, India, Morocco, Nepal, Tanzania and the UK...
  7. Tupperwits

    72hr Contest and Fundraiser

    Hello! I don't post much and am only occasionally on the servers but this year I'd really like to get back into mapping and I felt a good way to kick start this is the 72hr contest. However I am also doing a charity fundraiser which has a deadline at the end of January so I need to use my time...
  8. Tupperwits

    Next Contest 2015?

    The greatest thing that tf2maps contests do is make something more freely available to the community. The dynamic payload contest was fun and innovative because it had a stipulation open to interpretation. There are already A/D and asymmetrical maps. What exists in tf2 that is sorely under...
  9. Tupperwits

    Detail Mini-Contest 2014

    Woah there friend, you might need to slow down (I'm sorry I had to) I am so excited for this
  10. Tupperwits

    Model Please, a plane of some sort from some source

    I found Ruskeydoo's planes on the SFM workshop No idea how you actually get at them once they're in SFM. I've used the planes from Layndecker before and found them...
  11. Tupperwits

    PL snowycoast

    Yay awesome, I'm really liking this map.
  12. Tupperwits

    PL snowycoast

    When I was exploring the cart rolled back past the first point.
  13. Tupperwits

    Did skyboxes change?

    I remember looking around a decompiled arena_watchtower ages ago and all the trees and the radio tower were in the skybox and then appeared physically rather than just on the sky. I had an idea using this method for a map but when I looked again recently all the models are in the main area...
  14. Tupperwits

    RD asteroid

    I agree with it being "maze like" a lot of it is really unintuitive, I kept going to the underground bit when I entered the base. Although I think the gamemode isn't great the assets it brings with it are amazing. I haven't seen objectives moving on their own since ctf_atrophy and ctf_system. I...
  15. Tupperwits 72hr Summer Mapping Contest, June 27th, 2014

    Are we allowed to use the props from the Mercs vs Aliens competition?
  16. Tupperwits

    PL crash_72

    When I realized the spawn room was a submarine I fell in love with this map
  17. Tupperwits

    Contest idea thread!

    Everyone gets a template of a base and where the ball enters and exits. At the end they're all joined together.
  18. Tupperwits

    CP lowtide

    Has potential. Are you going to use the maritime pack?
  19. Tupperwits

    Model Chinese News & Food

    These are amazing and I love them
  20. Tupperwits

    Confusing the player

    The commentary talked about how outside the map should be "uninteresting and out of bounds". Don't get me wrong, I love awesome looking scenery but it needs to be obvious its just scenery