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    Snowcart 1.0 A snowcart for all winter and snow related PL maps. It is a seperate model wich can be fixed on any colour original bombcart and it uses the icicle texture that is already in game. All you need to do is put the tf folder in your team fortress 2...
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    Drag rc1 A gravelpit style map with a swamp theme. Now in beta flavour. And 50% less filesize! The purpose of this map is for me to learn. Layouts, design, modelling, texturing, the source engine, how to handle feedback, how to implement feedback, how...
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    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    Wow! That is really, really coincidental: I finished a model I had to do for school too this week! And guess which character I modelled?
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    JOINER - An automated Brush Generator

    Awesome! Very nice job!
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    Automated brushes

    Random buildings, because it can eliminate testing bias from players who do not like undetailed maps. This way you could block out something, make it look semi-good with randomization, and have testing done with players who would otherwise not play alphas. Of course detailing yourself will make...
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    Assignment Frenzy #5: Arena

    I have never looked at the amount of objects I use. This might be interesting!
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    PL Pier

    This looks really good. The first screen though, like Godslayer said, looks more like a HL2 map than a TF2 map. Are those texture from the bulletcrops or have you made them custom?
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    CTF 2keep

    If you are not focusing on how it looks, please label it as an Alpha (ctf_2keep_a#). Labelling it as a Beta usually means the map is done gameplay wise and focused on detailing. I would suggest completely reading this: A lot things in your map are...
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    Assignment Frenzy #4: Materials

    Any and all VMT commands are allowed? If so, I think building 1 bsp with all the textures in it would work better for judging, as if it moves or has nice effects it can't be seen on just the vtf.
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    Assignment Frenzy #3: Models

    Cool, time to find loopholes and make you sweat to make new rules! Nah, just kidding (or am I?) [EDIT] Are there any texture rules to this?
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    CP Crossroads

    I did not play well enough to get much of a gameplay idea, so here is some detailing feedback: You could lay the planks out more uneven and cut chips out of them. It's small but adds a lot. I like this...
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    PL doppleganger I think adding a bit more macro brushwork will increase the looks and gameplay of this part of the map. Right now it feels like a corridor with some things thrown into it. Also, LuckyNumber likes men. Don't forget to clip these off! They...
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    KotH Multiplex Revived

    The entire map is too dark, it is hard to see who is blue and who is red. The map is also too big with the middle so open, almost any class is instantly killed around the CP building. I suggest making the entire map a bit smaller and making the middle a lot smaller. This will also make the...
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    CTF Breeze The blue side has a full stair, while these miss half of the stairs. It's too big a difference to be balanced. Same for this, one side has 2 covers, the other only one. These models need a brush on top of it...
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    CP Frozen

    Aw man, now my feedback seems so unintelligent :( These need to be clipped. This is an invisible wall! These giant tubes suddenly stop into a thin wall. Maybe push back the machine a bit so the tubes look...
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    Sadly the server ran empty once this map came up in todays gameday. 7 maps in one sitting is a bit too much, sadly!
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    Spawn time question

    These outputs on the CP capture trigger: OnCapTeam1 -> rules -> SetBlueTeamRespawnWaveTime 5 OnCapTeam1 -> rules -> SetRedTeamRespawnWaveTime 10 OnCapTeam2 -> rules -> SetRedTeamRespawnWaveTime 10 OnCapTeam2 -> rules -> SetBlueTeamRespawnWaveTime 5 I think this is all you need. For a koth map...
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    Assignment Frenzy #2: Voting

    Boojum: ;_; Aly: A few clipping errors, okay execution, sadly a bit short. Elementboi: Very nice door! No sound. Sadly very short. Frozen: Nice start, but an abrupt end. Godslayer: Sound! Very short. There isn't anything to do or to see. Nick: Simple, clean, direct. Pipe prop is not...
  19. T Mapping Assignment Frenzy

    1. Yes please! 2. 7 days would be great. 3. Also 7 days? I am not sure about this one. It would be really useful for people who have busy lives and need to plan accordingly.
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    Assignment Frenzy #2: Magnificent Tunnel

    I have a couple of questions: Define a 'door'. Is a brush that opens and closes enough? Does it need to have an 'outside the tunnel' part on both ends? Define tunnel, please. Does it need to be no sky on all sides?