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  1. UKCS-Alias Major Contest #14: Connect 5: The Original Boardgame

    The grid has too much of the same square types. Too much day vs night and symmetrical and assimmetrical, even though there are multiple options possible that although are somewhat similar in freedom are actualy more in variety: For day, night you can include as alternatives: sunset, dusk For...
  2. UKCS-Alias

    How Many Maps Did You?

    (although i did help at some maps, and even in a few cases did set a blueprint, im not going to list these as being 'my own') Red faction: I cant even remember all the maps i made for that. The only one i can remember was ism_subway which was for the iron sun mod (and i already had 2 years of...
  3. UKCS-Alias

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    koth_cliffhanger a map where you see cliffparts hang on other cliff parts and everyone has to run acros a bridge and jump at the sound of an explosion. While everyone who jumped is also getting launched forward so they can reach the cliff edge aswel.
  4. UKCS-Alias

    [Information] Bot control in mvm: Control points

    If you are using valve's gatebots they will definitely do that because they have "BehaviorModifiers push". That modifier makes them never ignore their objective. You might want to try "BehaviorModifiers Mobber" on them to overrule it, although i think these will make them ignore the objective...
  5. UKCS-Alias

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    From my own experience you are incorrect. Skullcove was initialy in similar darkness and even when the bots had zombie skins (which were totaly diffirent to players) they had trouble spotting the bots. People wanted the map to be brighter. EDIT: and for those that missed the moment, i never...
  6. UKCS-Alias

    VVIS source code

    Using a i5 4660 (if stating compile times this is a very important thing to note as this can identify diffirences in compile times a lot) it took me about 10 minutes of vvis on normal in giza, and that is considering a that a section is rotated and offgrid which can influence the compile time by...
  7. UKCS-Alias

    I pmed some hints to you

    I pmed some hints to you
  8. UKCS-Alias

    TF2Maps and Potato’s MvM Servers Present: Mappers vs Machines

    First, there are 2 diffirent difficulties of advanced. 1 of them is pre-bigrock and the other one is bigrock+2cities. In bigrock advanced became significantly more difficult due to using more spamming methods. They arent essentialy harder for a skilled team. But on teams struggling with...
  9. UKCS-Alias

    Why do you love steam convos?

    I bet she only posted that because of the mapname.
  10. UKCS-Alias

    MVM Echoe

    To add to that knockback problem. There are 2 ways these can be applied and there are some values worthy to note. For soldiers since they often use the airblast method, its worth to note that these are considered most anoying as they can give a random blast direction based on how they hit you...
  11. UKCS-Alias

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    Smoothing groups make it possible for vrad to make rounded walls actualy behave as if they are 1 surface instead of being seperate flat edges. And this can realy give it a cilidrical feeling.
  12. UKCS-Alias

    MVM Teien

    It might be ugly. But as a last resort a trigger_hurt will autocollect money inside it. But risks are double collecting the money when players can reach the area (and it looks like the soldier and maybe scout can). But what i think is the issue is that the roof is simply too thin. Otherwise...
  13. UKCS-Alias

    Why do you love steam convos?

    I wonder how her names would be when they no longer are restricted to ASCII.
  14. UKCS-Alias

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    Light is a very essential part in gameplay. Its more important than you realize. Improper lighting can guide players to the wrong direction and this does heavily affect the outcome of a map. If players dont notice a doorway and dont use it, once its lit the map changes since they will use that...
  15. UKCS-Alias

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    I think that black path has a quite large detour compared to the other paths. Even if its not a main path, i think giving the bots an advantage at the spawning position (startin up higher - just like they have 2 of these in decoy) could be a good addition. I do like the height variation and the...
  16. UKCS-Alias

    TF2Maps and Potato’s MvM Servers Present: Mappers vs Machines

    To add to #2 of hydrogen, i think its always a good practice in mvm to make a popfile dedicated to testing your map. So here a short guide explaining how:
  17. UKCS-Alias

    Testing your mvm map using a testing popfile

    A guide to test how you can optimaly test your mvm map for flaws before you are even going to deploy them. A few things that generaly is a problem is bots following the random paths correctly, or tanks spawning at the hatch. And this guide shows some easy tricks you can use for it. In some cases...
  18. UKCS-Alias

    MVM nav_avoid

    common combined with bomb_carrier ensures no bots will go there. But do keep in mind that rejecting common bots can in some cases allow for an exploit when a player can stand in a region a bot never will try to move to. (i would keep it to deathpits only). I have never tested the common tag...
  19. UKCS-Alias

    Nav prefer and block areas

    I have updated the guide to cover this problem (missing tags in the avoids makes the avoids behave as if they are inactive)
  20. UKCS-Alias

    MVM nav_avoid

    3 and 5: There is a limit where only 22 bots can spawn at once. This forces certain wavespawns in a delay. 6: 600 start cash is fine. Its that the bigrock and 2cities missions made people lazy into thinking about upgrading only the essential. Lower start cash also makes missions harder and more...