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  1. grazr

    How many units tall is the tallest staircase size in TF2?

    Worth pointing out that a person walking up a ladder set up as "steps" is going to move vertically as fast as they do horizontally. That is to say if the steps are like 1 unit wide and at maximum height, it'll look very silly when that player suddenly disappears up the ladder in the blink of an...
  2. grazr

    [GUIDE] Scale and your map.

    They should work now. Also worth checking my signature as those links work too.
  3. grazr

    [GUIDE] Scale and your map.

    Updated with some minor edits and replacement images. I've only used the originals from photobucket though, so the definition still kinda sucks on some of the images where the host site throttled their compression from over sharing on a free profile. But a least the horrific watermarks are gone...
  4. grazr

    Leak Goes Trough Solid Wall? [SOLVED]

    Yeah, it's an easy mistake to make without understanding that alpha textures convert solid brush geometry during the compilation process as there are no clear symptoms of the fact besides the leak. For this reason it's good practice to set your default texture, ideally to "nodraw", but any...
  5. grazr

    Leak Goes Trough Solid Wall? [SOLVED]

    Go to your visgroups and turn off brush entities. That's the best way to be sure what is and is not solid geometry. If you have the mode on that lets you select individual brushes regardless of grouping, they will show as world brushes even though they may belong to a larger brush entity. At...
  6. grazr

    [Solved] Map black - Vrad not liking something

    The cordon tool acts like you sticking a big pseudo hollowed box around the map; that is to say it will never allow a leak. If the cordon allows the map to compile properly regardless of how it is applied; are you sure there isn't a hole in your map somewhere? Add in a cordon around your whole...
  7. grazr

    dodgy light_environments

    What angle is your sun at? The default is 90 degrees which is completely horizontal. So it wont show sun on any ground that isn't a bumpy displacement
  8. grazr

    Balance Changes

    So the 12 vs 12 meta balance is now being dictated by the tiny competitive scene which has never played the game as intended? It's not like they have their own black list or anything.
  9. grazr

    Balance Changes

    Anyone notice that they've basically back tracked on a number of the item mechanics. Nobody ever used bonk because of the "crash" like effects that happened after. Sure you could maybe get past that sentry if an enemy player isn't blocking your way (a big if on some maps, particularly CTF), but...
  10. grazr

    Is Mapping a Talent?

    There are many variables that would make one proficient at being a level designer. Obvious ones would be for starters: Computer literacy. Phil Co (A level designer who IIRC has worked on some Valve content if only as an out-source, amongst many other projects) has several informative books out...
  11. grazr

    Ideas to fix 5cp

    One thing you might tend to find is that a "things" strength is often its weakness and vice versa. The whole balancing act of 5CP is that it's supposed to snowball. When a team takes a CP to advance they get a respawn bonus whilst the defending team gets a respawn penalty. But the map will...
  12. grazr

    Ideas to fix 5cp

    The only real issue with 5cp i've felt is that it favours certain classes in really obvious ways. You'll almost never see an engineer because the map is too dynamic for his stationary buildings and the heavy is so slow they always miss the most important initial engagement between the active...
  13. grazr

    I made a beginner tutorial for Scouts, wanted to know your guys' opinion on it

    As already mentioned, you seem to gloss over a lot of general information before actually getting to the class itself and even then you're only really describing the scout rather than how to play him. Anyone who's opened up the game and played scout for 5 minutes knows how much health he has...
  14. grazr

    TF2Maps Presents: The Summer 2016 72hr TF2Jam!

  15. grazr

    TF2Maps Presents: The Summer 2016 72hr TF2Jam!

    Typical, i log back in to find there's 5 minutes left of a contest, ha ha ha. I was even on holiday for it. Doi! Will be interesting to see what everyone has achieved though.
  16. grazr

    CP Burghausen (3-Stage Medieval Mode)

    Holy shit Gadget.
  17. grazr

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    Chicken wire for massive chickens.
  18. grazr

    [Article] Stairs and your map.

    Ideally people should be using nobuilds on stairs to prevent a variety of other buggy behaviours anyway. But i could see how that would be problematic if one is converting entire rooms worth of detail to func_lod. Even still, it isn't sensible to be doing that with func_lod anyway as its primary...
  19. grazr

    [Article] Stairs and your map.

    One of the things i missed when people were discussing the use of func_lod's for the stair trims was that, as a solid entity it doesn't cut the faces of geometry. I realise this is a significant thing to miss and include at such a late point (5+ years), it is something i mention in discussions...
  20. grazr

    Hammer searching for Gameinfo.txt on wrong drive

    Well that's what I was asking, which config i need to manually edit because at first glance i couldn't see one, but it turns out I was just being impatient due to tiredness and completely missed the config file because my eyes were bleeding from staring at the bright white screen. I found it and...