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  1. FGD5

    Selbyen Assets V1

    All of the assets made specifically for pd_selbyen. Includes: Models: Seal, small and large Bucket of fish pickup Bucket and fish separated Buoy Seal plush Toy boat Cash register Awning, 2 sizes Wood fences, modular Wood doors Van, animated and static Station wagon Textures: Wood wall...
  2. FGD5

    Selbyen Assets

    FGD5 submitted a new resource: Selbyen Assets - Seal stuff for everyone Read more about this resource...
  3. FGD5

    Model US Armored Truck

    Amazing work!
  4. FGD5

    Thank you!

    Thank you!
  5. FGD5

    Thank you!

    Thank you!
  6. FGD5

    More Vehicles - V6 Fix

    Just a fix for the latest version, as it was causing errors with maps using old versions of the models. From now on the new models are under 'props_vehicles/morevehicles' so they don't conflict with the older ones in 'props_vehicles/more_vehicles'. All the names are still the same so just...
  7. FGD5

    More Vehicles

    FGD5 updated More Vehicles with a new update entry: V6 Fix Read the rest of this update entry...
  8. FGD5

    More Vehicles

    There is currently an issue with the old and new versions conflicting, causing errors on maps with the old vehicles packed into them. I'm currently working on a fix that will change the file path to stop overriding errors and should have it out soon
  9. FGD5

    Fishing Boat V1

    A fishing boat Has 4 skins (red, blue, green and yellow), 2 LODs and includes a static version, a animated version with a simple floating animation and skybox versions of each Model by FGD5 Model adjustments and texture by FanCyy
  10. FGD5

    Model Fishing Boat

    FGD5 submitted a new resource: Fishing Boat - It floats Read more about this resource...
  11. FGD5

    More Vehicles

    I'm glad you enjoy using them! I have thought about having a extra long trailer, the only problem is that by extending the trailer it ends up stretching the texture on the side, not a issue on the plain skins but on the skins with logos and signs it gets ruined. I could maybe look into making it...
  12. FGD5

    More Vehicles

    Thanks for the support! Checker cab will be released later on at somepoint, I had to cut it out of this update as it was just taking too long and much like the police car and fire truck, I was stuggling to come up with branding and logos. But don't worry, it will be out eventually
  13. FGD5

    More Vehicles - Big OVERHAUL update

    This one has been a while in the making, its taken quite a long time as I've worked on it off-and-on over the past 2 years, also because I'm lazy but no matter. This update has (nearly) every single model redone and all textures improved as well as adding some new models. Far too many changes to...
  14. FGD5

    More Vehicles

    FGD5 updated More Vehicles with a new update entry: Big OVERHAUL update Read the rest of this update entry...
  15. FGD5

    Thank you! :D

    Thank you! :D
  16. FGD5

    Model More Vehicles

    This is cool, I like this. Maybe with the next update!
  17. FGD5

    Ho Ho Hoappy Birthday YOYOYO

    Ho Ho Hoappy Birthday YOYOYO
  18. FGD5

    Model Asian Vehicles

    This is some very good work, I hope you get round to doing the other vehicles on your list. The only thing I'd say could be improved is adding ambient occlusion to the texture, in the pictures it doesnt look like theres any. Also adding numbers and letters to the licence plates. Keep it up!
  19. FGD5

    Car map prop

    This looks great, you should really finish this if you can
  20. FGD5

    Diner Models

    Diner Models - Yummy Diner themed stuff made during the 2020 72hr Jam. Includes: Tables and chairs Dining booth Stools Fridge, oven and kitchen counter Diner doors Neon signs Hotdogs, Burgers and Milkshakes Napkin holder, salt shaker and sause bottle Tray with and without napkin Tile textures...