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    How to make forward spawn?

    Ok, seems this is just hammer being hammer. You simply need to delete and remake all your info_player_teamspawns. To be safe, create one spawn point, set the name and team, then shift-drag to make multiple. Repeat for each spawn. Also you hadn't set a name for the blu spawn points, which maybe...
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    How to make forward spawn?

    Can you upload the vmf? I don't know much about spawn logic but could still take a look.
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    Leaks Going Through Solid Geometry

    You have radius culling turned on (letter R with red circle in the top toolbar), you should always have it disabled. Unless you know what you're doing it's likely to cause compile problems. Note that the hotkey for toggling it is 'c' so it's easy to turn on by accident when using ctrl-c to...
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    'On a Rail' Gameday - February 6, 2021

    How about some tug of war payload
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    'On a Rail' Gameday - February 6, 2021

    Some payload maps that stood out to me browsing through the catalog. Pick as you like.
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    EU Casual ~ 26/10/19 ~ 18:00 BST

    cp_tidal pl_manngrove ctf_slate cp_alternator pl_stovepipe...
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    Trio of Medals Gameday - Sometime in October!

    ctf_slate and ctf_haarp from the A/D CTF and PLR contest link for ctf_slate from my dropbox here: ctf_converge and ctf_deliverance from the competitive CTF contest link for converge...
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    Potential General-Purpose TF2 Particle Pack for Maps

    How about some desert dust clouds, possibly to be placed in the 3d skybox.
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    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    Rough idea for a payload point I think would be fun to defend.
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    Not-Quite-Halloween Halloween Gameday - August 31st, 2019

    Map pack here for everybody's convenience
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    Model Tall thin pine trees

    The zoo .vmf is missing from the current version, but other than that these are pretty cool.
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    US Casual Gameday - Saturday August 10th

    Could be fun to play one of those mirrored maps. I suggest pl_drawpu. ctf_slate cp_alternator pl_stovepipe
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    Do I need to rescale all skybox textures?

    Not sure at all what you mean, but the texture scale of the skybox brushes doesn't affect the skybox ingame. Upscaling them simply makes the hammer 3d view less visually noisy.
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    Soap Dm?

    You'll probably have more luck asking this on the forums.
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    Exotic Themes Gameday - June 23rd, 2019

    pl_humidity cp_undercrypt pl_wutville pl_moonbase...
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    US Casual Gameday - April 13th

    +1 for pl_farmstead cp_alternator It's a really well detailed gravelpit style a/d map. cp_furnace Also a really well detailed gravelpit style a/d map. cp_rooftop...
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    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    I made this for detail practise, based on upward A point Another based on cp_fastlane
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    Model Foundry-themed MvM hatch

    Yep, I do this every time. Over the last week I've installed more than half of all the custom models available on tf2maps, and the browser has had no trouble finding it all. Maybe with this one it's just hammer being hammer to me, who knows.
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    Model Foundry-themed MvM hatch

    Tried installing in both tf/custom as well as tf/materials/models and tf/models, then looking for 'hatch' or 'props_frostcharge' in the browser. No dice. I can however get the props to appear in hammer by manually typing in the file paths in the 'world model' field.
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    Model Foundry-themed MvM hatch

    Just a heads up, I think there's some issue that prevents the model browser from finding these assets. It happens with your boulder reskins too. I've been installing a ton of custom stuff over the last few days and haven't had this problem with anything else. The prop itself is looking great though!