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  1. Erich 72hr Winter Mapping Classic - VOTING THREAD

    1.: dm_egan: A well-detailed map given the time constraints, in addition to a really fun custom gamemode. 2.: arena_bakscratch: A well-rounded arena map that again, is detailed quite nicely. Can't say I have a flaw with the gameplay, and always props for someone who makes an arena map. 3...
  2. Erich Civilization V: Brave New World - athon

    I'll take France! EDIT: Or not. Brazil!
  3. Erich

    TF2Maps Graphics Worm

    Accurate depiction of my graphical knowhow.
  4. Erich

    CP Lancey

    The size works really well for it, and it's the only 5cp map that i've actually had genuine fun on (playing normally).
  5. Erich

    Prop Library (Portal 2)

    It's currently a WIP, as there are literally too many models in Portal 2. I'm just putting it out there that I am working on one. I'm also open to some suggestions on what you'd like to see in it. Currently i'm just categorizing it by directory, but I know I need to and will do more sorting...
  6. Erich

    CP Shortwave

    Stage 1 is complete in the form of cp_shortwave_s1. I won't publically release a download until all 3 stages are made and it's released as cp_shortwave_a1.
  7. Erich

    Calling all Euros (with radio)

    Wikipedia is a horrible source, as the person in charge of the page refuses to let findings by the community to count as a legitimate source. But yes, it's part of a string of secret radio stations the russian military uses. They aren't encrypted, though; the 5-10 radio operators we've heard...
  8. Erich

    Minicontest: The Grid Artpass

    Drumroll, please... We have winner(s)! Deloras gets first place for his beautiful detailing! And, Nerdboy gets second place, for.. cats! And I know there was a few of you who never got around to submitting a BSP in the timelimit: tough cookies. But, on the bright side, you save me...
  9. Erich

    Calling all Euros (with radio)

    If you're reading this, thank you for giving the time to view this thread. I am part of the community that has given the time to monitor the semi-notorious UVB-76/MZhDB. Despite it not being a number station, and rather a russian military district transmission, we still do monitor it. And the...
  10. Erich

    Grid Artpass Submissions thread

    Better late then never, eh? Now that this is over, we need to collect what you've done. Remember a few things: Please take at least one screenshot of your map for reference! No HUD, or anything like that! You have 48 hours to submit your works before we start a run through of the entries...
  11. Erich

    The Telephone Tells me to do Things, Let's Play Far Cry 2

  12. Erich

    CP Shortwave

    Holy shit, that Erich guy is making a contest entry! I am working on an A/D CP map entitled cp_shortwave. It will be set in the real area in Povarovo, Russia where the infamous UVB-76 "Buzzer" station once broadcasted, before it was moved. I will be playing upon the myths and legends of the...
  13. Erich Mapping Contest #6: (A)Symmetry CP

    All I gotta say is, Buzz Buzz.
  14. Erich

    The Official TF2M Minecraft Server

    Vandalism if going on on a large level. I know who you are, and i'm giving who you people are doing a warning; if you didn't make it, don't take it.
  15. Erich

    The Official TF2M Minecraft Server

    Anyways, server is up. PM me on steam ideally, but on here will work good, too.
  16. Erich

    The Official TF2M Minecraft Server

    Well, the server isn't exactly up since drp hasn't been home to start it yet, so I have a little time to still tweak stuff. I'll definitely consider that, though Djive. Can you link me to the plugin that saves backups?
  17. Erich

    The Official TF2M Minecraft Server

    My personal tastes will be towards hMod with no item spawn whatsoever. PvP off. Monsters on. Not publicly giving out IP, and you can only invite friends. No friends of friends. I might change the friend thing, sometime, though. Until then, it's just going to be with the rules above. PM me if...
  18. Erich

    The Official TF2M Minecraft Server

    Drp was kind enough to put it on the NY server. I'll be in charge of it, and before I edit this post with all the official things, I want to democratically figure this out first: What kind of server do you want? You've got 48 hours. I'll make some overriding judgment if it's counterproductive.
  19. Erich

    If there was a TF2M minecraft server...

    Would you play it? ____ Drp made the server. It exists.
  20. Erich

    Minicontest: The Grid Artpass

    :facepalm: Maybe. :O