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  1. Master

    Map Titles/Names

    I may have been a bit critical in judging names, but I think people just need to put a bit more effort into naming maps. I have seen maps on the server lists that just make no sense whatsoever. It didn't just say it had to be the landscape too. As long as it has something to do with the theme of...
  2. Master

    [TUTORIAL] Flowing Water

    Vangald, how do u make dyanmic water like that?
  3. Master

    Map Titles/Names

    Oh i missed out Hoodoo, it sounds too much like Voodoo and therefore it sounds comical and it would work if those rock formations weren't called hoodoo's. Anyway I never really told you what makes a good name.:ohmy: First, the name must convey the landscape, a special feature or carry an...
  4. Master

    Map Titles/Names

    After posting on a WIP I came to realise that there are a lot of rubbish names out there that just spurn custom mapping. Valve is smart. They make suitable and sometimes interesting titles. I will list some bad titles and some good titles and you can work which is good and which is bad. (I mean...
  5. Master

    [WIP] arena_redwood

    It works, it may not be original but it fits perfectly. Im sick of titles that have little to do with the map, I'll make a thread now infact, about titles.
  6. Master

    Readme 1st: Common TF2 mapping mistakes and how to fix them

    You took the words right out of my mouth. I HATE these problems in custom maps. I ruins the rep for customs.
  7. Master


  8. Master

    ***Mapping contest 05 - Payload map***

    Damn, I joined to late.
  9. Master

    TF2- Mass A.I.

    Shit! That's awesome.
  10. Master

    [WIP] arena_redwood

    Nice, tidy and clean map. I have to agree though, it is very Lumberyardish. I hope the textures really do change it (reminds me to expreiment with stone wall textures) and make the laser gun a bit more in place (it's a bit random). Nice map nevertheless. Oh, and a quality title, something you...
  11. Master

    Making a good picture for flowing water?

    That waterfall definately look good. Is it a model or moving texture? I'm looking for a very good quality moving texture that doesn't interfere very much with the FPS but could be used in the skybox maybe, or in the map itself. Skybox would be my first choice as I would like to make very huge...
  12. Master


    I am the Master and I am interested in TF2 mapping. I haven't created any full maps, but do enjoy creating buildings and landscapes as well as messing aroung with inputs, outputs and functions. I sometimes also make custom specialities that I like to play around with. I joined this site as I...