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    Texture Team colored Egypt textures.

    Nice job on this. :D Will use in my egypt maps. Can you make a version of it with the stain and one without the stain? It would be very cool if you could make it say red in egyption on the red texture and the same thing with blue only it says blu.And neutral says red vs. blu on it.
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    Model Japanese Paper Privacy Screens

    I would love some more skins for this,please. Nice job btw.
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    KotH Torimono

    Nice job. :D :D :)
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    Model Log Bench

    Nice job! :D
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    CP achievement headless hatman

    Thanks for the help.I will see if i can fined out how to add the mystery gift.
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    CP achievement headless hatman

    Quick question,how do you get him into your map?Presents,what presents?
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    Minecraft content

    Can somebody make a replacement model for the player models only they are the minecraft character with different skins? If somebody can and they will,i will be VERY happy with them.I will put everyone who helps in the credits of my level.
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    It isn't mirrored.Unless Draser updated it and mirrored it.
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    Artpass Grim Tuesday

    Yo,if you want i can make a prefab of the door.I just need a picture of the one you already have.I mean,do you want me to make the door for you (make it from scratch).
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    Nice job.I can test it to see if things are missing.
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    Minecraft content

    Well, if nobody will help me i guess i will try to model.Even though i suck at it. Can someone at least help me with getting the textures out of minecraft?
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    Minecraft content

    I am looking for minecraft stuff. this is all i can fined. I can get the textures for the monsters but i can not model. And i can not pull out all of the minecraft textures/any of the models.
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    Model ctf_laynedecker props pack

    When i download this i did not get the plane with the wing down. D:
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    Model ctf_laynedecker props pack

    You are,Void. Nice job on the models. :D BTW. someone needs to make player models in diving gear. Could you make the models for blue team have red skins as well?And the samething with red team.
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    US Gameday - Friday, October 1

    Gameday is on my Birthday?(October 1st)
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    It is not FALSE hope!!!!

    It is not FALSE hope!!!!
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    Space theme

    I think,if we are to make a space theme we should make are own modules.;) And as well as monitors, consoles, and beams.
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    Model Windy Cloth, Cloths on a line blowing in the wind.

    Nice work Nano squid!Hey trey,make a animation that is not blowing and one where it is moving like it is in a hurricane.
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    Texture Khmer/Egypt Ruins Texture Expansion Pack

    Nicely done!Can i use these in my map that is planed to have like 5 themes?
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    Model Tiberium Plant

    Nice job!