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  1. GrimGriz


    Still really waiting for a version with better fps at point 3 :)
  2. GrimGriz

    PLR Panic

    I just played this in the calculated chaos server, and I had to come by to see who made it. I'm a big fan of the rolling down the hill at the start and the explosion for stage 2. It seems odd that the cart doesn't roll down the hill by itself at the last part of stage 1(until overtime)...i...
  3. GrimGriz


    Is it done yet?
  4. GrimGriz

    Fat Team prevents door from moving

    So, I'm working on this map where doors are floors that slide out from beneath the player. It works MARVELOUSLY...until their are 4 or more people standing on it. Then the door doesn't move anymore. I've tried making it "force closed," and when that failed to help it open I reversed it so...
  5. GrimGriz


    Is there any chance you can fix the spawn doors for the people that would otherwise like to play this abandoned project?
  6. GrimGriz

    A poll for the latest contest.

    I was really hoping for a 3CP contest - there's not enough good ones out there.
  7. GrimGriz

    Youme's "Portfolio"

    I just wish the lazy bastard had the wherewithal to actually compile a complete portfolio. BLOODSTAINED4EVA!
  8. GrimGriz

    Showcase letter thing question

    If you go into the showcase and click on a letter, for example to find the latest version of swift or swiftwater or whatever you're calling it...the maps that show up aren't alphabetized. Can that be's kind of what you expect when you click on a letter
  9. GrimGriz

    PL Borax

    I recommend adding a T to the exit where the shortcut comes out, with one end going past the corner.
  10. GrimGriz

    lfw(aka Grim's Server) is closing it's doors

    FWIW: The server shuts down Saturday and is running pipeline 24/7 until then.
  11. GrimGriz


    So...after watching the sourceTV replay of Way to be constructive fellas. The first round made me think the map was impossible for blue. The second round just proved it's all about the teams. Now, I know a lot of you don't like the map. Well, I have some bad news. I'm going to...
  12. GrimGriz

    How do you prevent spawn camping?

    Looking at dustbowl and goldrush, it would seem one way is to have a single spawn exit lead to a short corridor which opens into multiple exits. What methods do you use/like?
  13. GrimGriz

    Server Maplists Idea

    Is there any chance of this?
  14. GrimGriz

    Would you remove TF2M posters if it meant being an official map?

    Make a model that's a case of rolled up maps, with the word maps on the side - with the serial number ATF2M4U below that with the A and M4U part faded....with a bug-catching net sitting on top of the case... Oh, and to answer the original question - without hesitation, particularly since it is...
  15. GrimGriz

    [Info] Map Naming Standards

    Or they'd get fired....oh's a hobby
  16. GrimGriz

    [Info] Map Naming Standards

    little stuff can include compiling with some visgroup unchecked...which is a major mistake, but a little thing...
  17. GrimGriz


    Because I always find myself hauling ass to squeeze in as many of the things I want to as I can before the gameday deadline. The map will probably change a couple more times before I get a fresh overview for the icons...I'll probably do custom blu-owned locked at that point.
  18. GrimGriz


    Any thoughts at all people?
  19. GrimGriz


    looking forward to a prettier version :)
  20. GrimGriz

    CP Silvertrail

    You changed A and I ended up not hating the changes, nicely done :)