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  1. Kraken

    What color is your hair?

  2. Kraken

    TF2Maps Steam Trading Cards

    Could you do me?
  3. Kraken

    TF2Maps Trading Cards

    I have two ideas. 1. Cafeine (allows you to do more) 2. CD Key invalid error (or a general error)
  4. Kraken

    The prediction game

    False The next person has been ninja'd several times.
  5. Kraken

    3 word story

    After 9 years in development, death was approaching, but not before Sniper began pissing himself. The TF2Maps forums wasn't about mapping anymore, but rather endless, endless shitposts. Because of this, sadly, no one cared about "Screw this, I'm done." said Fr0Z3nR, as a Pyroshark...
  6. Kraken

    The prediction game

    True The next person has been here since early 2015. By early I mean Jan-aprl.
  7. Kraken

    Model Neutral Rockets

    Did you remember to pack the skin in to the map?
  8. Kraken

    The 2016 Winter 72HR TF2Jam

    This is just great. The site deserves shoutouts when ever it possible.
  9. Kraken

    Koth/PLR Hybrid Logic?

    You could represent the carts movement by adding or removing time from the other team.
  10. Kraken

    What are Hints, Skips, and Clips?

    This is a great tutorial about optimization.
  11. Kraken

    What are Hints, Skips, and Clips?

    Hint tells the game where to cut a vis leaf. Skip does nothing. Its helpfull as a measurement. Player clip is like any brush, but only stops the player. (Bullets and projectile go trough it.
  12. Kraken

    New Years Resolutions 15/16

    Finish something.
  13. Kraken

    Best Workshop Comments

    Please say that's out of context and there is a full discussion about this.
  14. Kraken

    The prediction game

    True I have a really original profile picture. The next person has no profile picture.
  15. Kraken

    What did YOU get for Christmas?!

    I'm kinda disappointed. BB-8 sphero app enabled droid. A jacket Candy and chocolate. Undertale.
  16. Kraken

    Post a pic of yourself!

    So you are Finnish?
  17. Kraken

    TF2 Conspiracy Theory *que dramatic space music*

    *Twilight zone music* Now a story about a world where this actually happened. Sorry I had to make this awful joke.
  18. Kraken

    KotH Bloodmount

  19. Kraken


  20. Kraken

    [DEATHSTAR SIZED SPOILERS] Star Wars: The Force Awakens Megathread

    Well that was an interesting movie. I really liked it through, but I still have few problems with the movie. How did Poe survive? (Yeah I'm glad he survived, but how?) They reused lot of music from the other films (That felt really lazy. That casm that appeared between Rey and Kylo was little...