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  1. Chemical Alia

    Wooden Globe - 1.1 Texture Fix

  2. Chemical Alia

    Wooden Globe v1.1

    An old Globe model by Chemical Alia from 2011 for an unfinished and unreleased Suburban asset pack. Uploaded by Void, with permission from Chemical Alia, and re-authored properly. All credit goes to her.
  3. Chemical Alia

    Whark Arabian Market Props v1

    Whark Arabian Market Props A set of Arabian themed props made by the talented ChemicalAlia. Rehosted with permission. Repackaged and added a simple README. All credit and workshop attribution should be to Content List: maps/artpass_valvebase.bsp...
  4. Chemical Alia

    ARENA Caravan

    Yeah, I'll eventually be filling in for any needed models and textures that are needed.
  5. Chemical Alia

    CP artpass_mrhappy

    Dude, this is absolutely amazing looking. It's just so clever and stylistically well executed with the extreme theme, interiors especially. The only thing I'd like to see is a little bit of blue glow on the Earth, just to soften it and make the skybox look a little prettier. But yeah, I'm...
  6. Chemical Alia


    The rollermine is meant to be hidden. The other two textures were lightened and color balanced to match the color scheme, as they fit the theme but the originals were out of place with the other, lighter textures.
  7. Chemical Alia


    Well, they're not the same exact models. They're optimized, and also static props, and would have to be reworked just to be able to use them as a mod. Of course I WAS expecting Polycount to be out by the time we released these, though I have a good feeling that this won't be an issue.
  8. Chemical Alia


    Hey guys, Here's a link to download the assets. I might touch up a few of them in the future, and more models/textures will be added as we work on the new map, so I'll let you know when new stuff is available.
  9. Chemical Alia


    Anytime is fine with me. I'd like to get a big image or image set ready, with pictures of everything so you know what all is included. And whatever new models/textures are made for your new map, they can just be amended in.
  10. Chemical Alia


    I always enjoy ctf, and it seems to fit in with a theme like this. Payload sounds lke it could be cool as well, though you're paying so much attention to the cart and might not be the best showcase of a new environment. Plus I dunno how much sense it makes to push that car through the market...
  11. Chemical Alia


    I dunno.
  12. Chemical Alia

    CP Mann Manor

    That pumpkin looks so happy. Edit: Okay so like, I never installed a custom map before and there's no instructions. I assume I put the .bsp in the maps folder, but how do you load it up?
  13. Chemical Alia

    CP artpass - Marquis Posa

    That's bullshit, experience is always good, and the constraints/restrictions of a contest is a great way to learn.
  14. Chemical Alia

    CP Artpass mr.yellow

    Kind of an old school Doom thing going on, very retro. ;)
  15. Chemical Alia

    CP artpass grazr

    Dag yo, that is one charming ass skybox.
  16. Chemical Alia

    CP Mann Manor

    Awesome, I think you have plenty of portraits even without those. About the skulls, I don't mean in terms of mipmaps and what you'd see from a distance so much as the graphic itself doesn't really fit. It looks like an overly-detailed drawover of a Google images result, and if it was just...
  17. Chemical Alia


    I'm not totally sure where this is going to go, but I made a paint decal for the side of the building. Depending on where it ends up, I might change the color of the paint or fade it out some more. It's a transparent decal, as you can see from the alpha map, but I threw some concrete behind it...
  18. Chemical Alia

    CP Mangy's Artpass Thread

    CP C is looking awesome. It has a little bit of a Black Mesa vibe, but more stylish. I like the placement of the saturated colors in the focal points, there's a lot of detail but it's not distracting.
  19. Chemical Alia

    CP Mann Manor

    I like the paintings idea, but those bottom three are really ugly. The landscapes look pretty nice and fine from a distance, but the inked portraits are just obviously comic-styled and don't seem to fit. The Redmond portrait also looks wonky as hell and could use a better cropping. Also...
  20. Chemical Alia


    Well, if there's one thing that comes to mind about the TF2 fan community, it's their passion for unique American architecture of the 20th century. I'm sure they would appreciate the nod to Wright, if not just to show up those Halo fans with their vast appreciation for Flemish Renaissance...