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  1. obodobear

    Stream Tab Not Working?

    Has the featured streams page on the site not been working? My channel is approved but not showing up while I'm live, and it looks like no one else has been live since 2019. Any info on this?
  2. obodobear

    Texture Translucent Animated Tf2 Logo Sprite

    Translucent Animated Tf2 Logo Sprite - A swaying tf2 logo sprite used for a custom power-up pickup I made this to use as a power up/pickup thing a long time ago, so I figured someone else might find some use in it. Credit would be appreciated if you use it. The texture is transparent, and...
  3. obodobear

    Translucent Animated Tf2 Logo Sprite 2019-11-21

    I made this to use as a power up/pickup thing a long time ago, so I figured someone else might find some use in it. Credit would be appreciated if you use it. The texture is transparent, and works as an env_sprite entity. The animation is slower in-game than it appears in the preview.
  4. obodobear

    How do I get rid of the normal map on a blend texture?

    Is this brush a displacement? Blend textures can have weird discrepancies between hammer and tf2. If it's just a regular brush though, try making it a displacement and then use "Invert Alpha" to make it use the other texture
  5. obodobear

    Amusing death stills

    Look at those L E G S That demo has murder written all over his face with that grin I found this scout close up entertaining OH GOD TOO CLOSE
  6. obodobear

    Porting a Quake 3 map? (Q3TOURNEY6)

    A google search yielded this tutorial: Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but the porting process seems quite a bit simpler compared to other games.
  7. obodobear

    Hammer just deleted all of my progress and I have no backups. What do I do now?

    If you haven't already I'd set up a drop box or google drive account to keep your files safe. I lost a lot of progress on some of my maps after a hard drive crash so it's always good to have a place where you can easily recover your files. Like some other people above said too, enabling...
  8. obodobear

    help with packing assests

    When you said you moved your tf folder did you mean the entire thing, or just the tf folder contents? Because if you move the whole folder the game won't launch
  9. obodobear

    I'm not even sure what kind of error this is...

    Yeah sometimes a file rename is all you need. I had this happen to me once before, glad you resolved the error.
  10. obodobear

    Map suggestion KOTH_drowned

    It still is pretty lacking right now. Some of my potential suggestions would be more ways of approaching the control point, possibly redesigned building shapes/room layouts to make things more exciting, more things underwater, and some elevation changes never hurt. Also the control point and...
  11. obodobear

    "the system cannot find the file specified" error

    I had this issue in one of my maps a while back, and the cause of the porblem was a game_text entity. I found it by using the cordon bounds until I could pinpoint the entity. Maybe give that a go and see if you have any luck.
  12. obodobear

    New mapper question!

    Could you post your compile log? Also how long did you wait on tf2 to load?
  13. obodobear

    Map suggestion KOTH_drowned

    I'm somewhat intrigued, I requested to view your map sketch so I'll take a look whenever.
  14. obodobear

    Problem when compiling

    Maybe try saving the .vmf under a different filename, or check the file name or directory. Also are you using Compile Pal, or the compiler in hammer?
  15. obodobear

    3D Skybox Issue

    Alright I'm bringing this back up again. A while back I tried out what you recommended, and loaded the map's pointfile. Sure enough there was some sort of areaportal leak that did not show up in the compile log, and I got that fixed up. Still though the map still has the same issues (1000...
  16. obodobear

    3D Skybox Issue

    Sorry this took so long, here is my compile log for the map. There are no evident leaks showing up within the compile log, but there are different errors in other locations. A few of them would be: Couldn't build default cubemap/material uses unknown detail object type/ displacement abutting...
  17. obodobear

    3D Skybox Issue

    Thanks, I'll be sure to test that out later, also do you think it could potentially be due to an areaportal leak? I don't believe I have any but it is a possibility.
  18. obodobear

    3D Skybox Issue

    There were no leaks in my compile log
  19. obodobear

    3D Skybox Issue

    Alright so I'm having an issue where my 3D Skybox includes another copy of the entire map below the surface of the regular map. I looked at it in wireframe mode and it appears to be rendered when looking through displacements, but world geometry blocks it (I'd have to double check on...
  20. obodobear

    How to get my custom textures back?

    GCFscape worked without a hitch! Thanks for the help. I repacked the map, but I tried to open it in VIDE first. I got the same error I was getting initially and I started panicking for a second, but everything worked just fine when I opened it in GCFscape.