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  1. CafeineMan

    PLR Bonesaw

    AMAZING !!! :eek:o_O
  2. CafeineMan

    warehouse - ctf_warehouse_b2

    - added a small corridor that leads from the spawn to the floor of the central room.
  3. CafeineMan

    CTF warehouse

    CafeineMan updated warehouse with a new update entry: ctf_warehouse_b2 Read the rest of this update entry...
  4. CafeineMan

    CTF warehouse

    I based it a bit on the turbine dimensions but I'm not sure if it actually works. I just tried it quickly with bots (even though I know you can't base it too much on that either - they don't defend for example -) and it seems to be a bit small. The games are too fast and it's a bit "rough". I...
  5. CafeineMan

    CTF warehouse

    CafeineMan submitted a new resource: warehouse - classical ctf fully indoor Read more about this resource...
  6. CafeineMan

    warehouse b2

    The map is very advanced (playable) but not quite finished (lighting, decoration, etc.) yet but here is a first version.
  7. CafeineMan


    The rendering is finally quite far from what we can see once the map is compiled. It's a pity, I'm disappointed. There are probably some settings I don't understand but I think I'll give up using this "lightning preview" option. It's more misleading than anything else. PS: it's not so bad, but...
  8. CafeineMan

    Water texture you see-through

    Hello, Is there a water texture through which you can see the players swimming underneath ?
  9. CafeineMan


    Hello, I am not a specialist and I have not mapped for a few years. It's a real pleasure to get back into it, especially since I just discovered a great tool: Hammer++. It's so great! They just added the possibility to preview your lights live and it's pur magic. It's perfect for me who's just...
  10. CafeineMan

    PL Breadspace

    Hi, Bravo for the map. Would it be possible to have a vmf? I would like to use some textures and particles but I don't know their name.
  11. CafeineMan

    What is your best and worst map ?

    Best gamemod : Payload, 5cp. Best official maps : Fastlane, Badwater, Turbine, Granary. Worst official maps : Nucleus, ctf_Sawmill. Best custom maps : pl_Deadwood, pl_Great_Heights, pl_Woodland, pl_Mill.
  12. CafeineMan

    What is your best and worst map ?

    Would it be possible to make a big poll to know which are your favorite and least favorite official maps? I'm always surprised to see some maps being voted for and others being left out. My tastes are obviously not the same as everyone else's. The best would be to be able to put a note for each...
  13. CafeineMan

    Magnet prop ?

    Yes, that's the one! It seemed to me that there was also one for TF2 more beautiful. Too bad, at worst I'll do a quick one.
  14. CafeineMan

    Magnet prop ?

    Hi, Isn't there a big magnet for containers prop in the game like that ? I thought it was but I can't find it.
  15. CafeineMan

    KotH Drainpipe

    The lighting are stuning (and colors seems more powerfull).
  16. CafeineMan

    PL Cactus Canyon Redux

    I want to play (again) to this ! Seems very cool Dude.
  17. CafeineMan

    CP Canaveral [3CP]

    Original and very promising !
  18. CafeineMan

    ARENA bobcat

    In love ;) Pure tf2 style !
  19. CafeineMan

    MVM mvm_yiresa

    I don't like MvM, but this map seems amazing !! The screenshots are wonderful! Bravo ! (well done)
  20. CafeineMan

    ARENA Undergrowth

    I like very much what i see. Great !