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  1. deluxghost

    [Guardian] Mercenary Park

    These demos were stuck in wave1, I tried to fix this issue by editing the navmesh (I removed 2 connections)
  2. deluxghost

    Red Shadow Maggots [Fan-Game]

    an exit button would be nice
  3. deluxghost

    MVM Mvm_estate

    o_Othe dropbox link is not for sharing
  4. deluxghost

    MVM Bonk Plant

    It's not steam workshop here, you can upload a zip file contains all content
  5. deluxghost

    MVM Aeon

    about these bugs you said, is this version ready for playing?
  6. deluxghost

    MVM Production

    Split wave 5 in half, adding a 6th wave no?
  7. deluxghost


    nice concept you can see glass blocks above, remove them?
  8. deluxghost

    MVM Berserker

    I'm going to test that issue again later, but exclude irrelevant things. I don't believe it is caused by the map itself either.
  9. deluxghost

    MVM Berserker

    2. I'm not sure, I was testing myself with god mode on, it's sudden death and I cannot find any useful log yet. I have no idea if it was caused by some plugins in my server, I doubt strange thing: the game didn't end itself after I became a ghost. Haven't replicate it today yesterday demo...
  10. deluxghost

    MVM Berserker

    epic update issues 1. sometimes, the picked key hud icon (screen bottom) is a missing texture 2. i sometimes dead instantly near some doors (first 2 big wooden doors), turn into a ghost 3. ghost can pick up money and still carry the floating dispenser? 4. cannot pick up key one time please...
  11. deluxghost

    MVM Tensai

    the black vehicles have missing texture on my side
  12. deluxghost

    MVM Berserker

    only the 'download/' one needs for the gamerules, the 'scripts/' one is for download well let me try to get it clearly, assume there is a file foobar.txt my first try: 1. put it in scripts/items/foobar.txt 2. add the path to server download table, this makes sure clients have...
  13. deluxghost

    MVM Berserker

    you know what, i'm still using your custom medieval upgrades in my private server XD idk if i should simplify my workaround of custom upgrades, but it is -- 1, put upgrades txt files into both scripts/ and download/scripts/ in the server dir 2, put files in scripts/ into download table, so the...
  14. deluxghost

    MVM Berserker

    --- Missing Vgui material vgui/../hud/leaderboard_class_enemy --- Missing Vgui material vgui/../hud/leaderboard_class_enemy_boss_g what after wave end (victory/failed), players are not teleported to base
  15. deluxghost

    MVM Berserker

    custom upgrade is not that hard to enable on server
  16. deluxghost

    restart on mvm victory

    restart on mvm victory - sourcemod plugin to skip victory timer in mvm Skip the timer after victory, just go back to prepare state asap my steam profile:
  17. deluxghost

    restart on mvm victory 1.0.0

    Skip the timer after victory, just go back to prepare state asap my steam profile:
  18. deluxghost

    MVM Minceraft

    a13 missing tnt texture?
  19. deluxghost

    MVM Sanctum Fortress

    i havent test map with my friends yet, so no better idea XD and another thing, is it possible to add a bomb deployed counter hud? i think we need such info
  20. deluxghost

    MVM Sanctum Fortress

    looks like robots get hp regen too fast