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  1. Beetle

    Pacific Small Flower 1.0 This a small flower model that comes in 5 different colors. For a size comparison, it comes up to about the knee. Install by extracting the zip file to /Steam/steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/
  2. Beetle

    Pacific Clay Pots 1.0 For entry into the Pacific Pack. These are two clay pot models that are NOT breakable, just simple prop_statics. For a size comparison, it comes up to just below the knee, well under maximum crouch jump height. Extract to your /tf folder or...
  3. Beetle

    Kakariko Asset Pack 1.0

    NO THREAD This pack includes all custom textures, sounds, and models found in the original cp_kakariko for TF2 as well as the original source (vmf) file for the map. Use and modify these however you wish, but please throw me a credit. Steam name: *J. Beetle Extract in to your tf folder or...
  4. Beetle

    Your "Ahhhh...NOW I get it!" Moments

    The entire finicky process of creating/texturing/exporting a model from blender to tf2
  5. Beetle

    Anyone using mapping tools and Windows 10?

    I was just wondering if everything was going smoothly for everyone who has converted to Windows 10. like - Hammer - StudioMDL - the packing programs - Blender - etc Thanks
  6. Beetle

    Texture [Request]Golden Coins.

    What a lovely embroidered carpet! :P
  7. Beetle

    [OFFICIAL] TF2Maps Arctic Theme Pack Thread

    first pic doesn't work for me
  8. Beetle

    [OFFICIAL] TF2Maps Arctic Theme Pack Thread

    not necessarily
  9. Beetle

    Counting people in an area

    yes. a while ago I made a tutorial for just this.
  10. Beetle

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    really like the door (and the clock too, of course). I'm glad others are actually giving you constructive feedback, unlike myself.
  11. Beetle

    Missing faces

    Things that cause that are the noclip texture on an entity-based brush, compile error, or invalid brushes. oh yea, and skybox texture brushes being in between two world brushes. Try hitting alt+p to check for invalid brushes
  12. Beetle

    Modeling Programs

    I quit learning to model a half a dozen times before I finally stuck with it. Blender can be finicky as far as getting things to work in Source, but once you figure it's at least consistent.
  13. Beetle

    using custom assets

    That depends on how the author of the custom model setup his folder hierarchy. If you downloaded a zip folder with just a folder named "tf" you drag that folder from the zip file into "Team Fortress 2" edit: whoops ninja'ed
  14. Beetle

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    trying to make something totally off the wall with almost all custom content. oh and a carrot [not pictured]
  15. Beetle

    Custom Model Compiling

    Make sure you apply a material in Blender (the default one will work), name it the exact same thing as what you named the vtf/vmt), and recompile, or it'll give you that missing texture pattern.
  16. Beetle

    Adding a Custom Prop

    Everything must have a material applied to it for it to export correctly too (also, you'll definitely want smd and not dmx) and when you do finally get the smd to export, changing it into a mdl requires GUIStudioMDL.exe (or the equivalent, that's just what I use)
  17. Beetle

    Player "counting", and teleporting to selected places

    I made a tutorial a while back on how to count players and display it on a scoreboard. Perhaps parts of that would be helpful?
  18. Beetle

    Scream Fortress VI is LIVE!

    yes, please someone make a tutorial for the bumper cars so Asylum can make 50 new versions of pipeball. just kidding, but seriously, knowing how to do it would be neat.
  19. Beetle

    Skybox not packing with map

    I think Boojum has told me that before but I'm too lazy to look it up :X