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  1. Vycter

    KotH koth_film

    Vycter submitted a new resource: koth_film - King of the hill map with rotational symmetry. Read more about this resource...
  2. Vycter

    koth_film a1

    First map I've made in a long time.
  3. Vycter

    koth_studio A1

    King of the hill map with rotational symmetry.
  4. Vycter

    KotH koth_studio

    koth_studio - Rotational symmetry koth map King of the hill map with rotational symmetry.
  5. Vycter

    Demo request thread

  6. Vycter

    Demo request thread

    Demo request for cp_rosche_b6 please (it was about 2 weeks ago)
  7. Vycter Major Contest #15: Payload Checklist Contest

    Good luck people :)
  8. Vycter

    CP cp_rosche

    Good update.
  9. Vycter

    CP cp_rosche

    I remember when I helped at Xayir with some stuff on Akim. I think it was the second spawn point for blue and something else.
  10. Vycter

    CP cp_rosche

    Feels weird seeing Akim with detail. I like how you have detailed it. Looks nice.
  11. Vycter

    Skybox Yunye

    Omg this looks great. :)
  12. Vycter

    I'm stuck for ideas.

    I'm stuck for ideas.
  13. Vycter UeakBandicoot
  14. Vycter

    Model Tall thin pine trees

    As always Dan your work is brilliant. These will be very handy. :)
  15. Vycter

    Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    Glad to see that the Jojo hat was fixed.
  16. Vycter

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    Started working on my map for the connect 5 contest. Its gonna be a 2cp a/d map. Hmm.
  17. Vycter

    CTF ctf_noturbine [Deleted]

    No it isn't. Its just me uploading a map I made months ago as a joke. I made it before I was on
  18. Vycter

    CTF ctf_noturbine [Deleted]

    ctf_noturbine - Im just gonna put B9000 cuz I dont know what else to put tbh AND WHY NOT. A map I made a while ago while there was that joke map faze on the steam workshop in early 2017 e.g maps like highertower and stuff. Anyway this map is just turbine without the mid. I'm just posting it on...
  19. Vycter

    Cheery Christmas Chibis

    ty Flipy :)
  20. Vycter

    Cheery Christmas Chibis

    If we were to request a thingy do they have to be animals or can it be other things as well?