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  1. SpookyToad

    point_viewcontrol not working

    Try removing Snap to goal angles flag, but before that try enabling it in-game with ent_fire sv_cheats 1 required. ent_fire cam1 Enable
  2. SpookyToad

    point_viewcontrol not working

    Could you send us more information? Flags and Class Info tab to be exact
  3. SpookyToad

    [TUTORIAL] func_monitor resolution calculation

    Since FIT button corrupts texture when it's applied on monitor and you can't use it to fit monitor's texture on brush, I figured out how to calculate monitor's resolution! 1. Multiply Horizontal and Vertical H/U of func_monitor brush by 0.0009765625 2. Set Horizontal(X) and Vertical(Y) values at...
  4. SpookyToad

    [GUIDE] Mixing Gamemode Logics

    SpookyToad submitted a new resource: [GUIDE] Mixing Gamemode Logics - gamemode mix guide Read more about this resource...
  5. SpookyToad

    [GUIDE] Mixing Gamemode Logics 2022-10-18

    Recommended for Advanced mappers ----------Introduction---------- Hello there! Have you ever tried to switch between different gamemodes at one map? Well, now you can! Check videos below to see what i'm talking about. I'm changing logic from arena's one in order to make cool hud for minigames...
  6. SpookyToad

    13 keys if you fix a laggy map

    Yo! I'd like to optimise your map! Add me at steam
  7. SpookyToad

    [GUIDE] generic_actor (NPC) entity guide

    I'm using custom .fgd so that's probably reason why you can't see entity keyvalues. However, I think hl2.fgd should work just fine. Can you describe what exactly you can't make?
  8. SpookyToad

    [GUIDE] generic_actor (NPC) entity guide

    [GUIDE] generic_actor (NPC) entity guide - generic_actor entity guide ----------Introduction---------- Heyo there! Did you ever wanted to make custom NPC's in your map? then this guide is for you! With such a guide you can make stuff like this! ----------Basics---------- Let's start from...
  9. SpookyToad

    [GUIDE] generic_actor (NPC) entity guide Initial Release

    ----------Introduction---------- Heyo there! Did you ever wanted to make custom NPC's in your map? then this guide is for you! With such a guide you can make stuff like this! ----------Basics---------- Let's start from basics - what generic_actor on it's own? It's a "puppet" npc entity. It...
  10. SpookyToad


    When you compile, it says you what entity is leaked. Find it by entity report and check if it's origin there ( Blue sphere ). If yes, just move it
  11. SpookyToad

    OnSpawn tf_* Kill

    OnSpawn tf_* Kill
  12. SpookyToad

    How i'm able to make so received medals will show up on profile?

    Recently i've got 72hr jam medal and i want to show it up on my profile how shown in screenshot below, how is this possible?
  13. SpookyToad

    Map too big, pls send help

    No one responded
  14. SpookyToad

    Model textures issue

    Hello, anyone can help? Some of my model textures are errors, all files included. Anyone help pls
  15. SpookyToad

    Exporting particles from other games

    Hello there, is there anyone who knows how-to export World of Warcraft particles into TF2?
  16. SpookyToad

    Modelling deformation issue

    I think re-compile fixed problem but i'm dont sure
  17. SpookyToad

    Modelling deformation issue

    Here And yes, model is prop dynamic
  18. SpookyToad

    Modelling deformation issue

    Hello there, i've had a problem with my model, sometimes it becomes deformed in ANY moment, sometimes it's normal, sometimes isn't, there is screenshots that shows the problem. P.S In HLMV it looks fine