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  1. SocknessMonster


    reason why its not well made: its 12 in the morning i am tired
  2. SocknessMonster

    clayworks numero uno

    map i made in under a day, might as well post it here, enjoy ig no image too lasy :)))
  3. SocknessMonster


    SocknessMonster submitted a new resource: clayworks - i love eating clay! Read more about this resource...
  4. SocknessMonster

    i need ideas for an easy, simple map to make for my second ever map

    for sure gonna be taking a good gander at these! thank you!!!
  5. SocknessMonster

    i need ideas for an easy, simple map to make for my second ever map

    my personal map isn't going as good as i want it to so i want some new ideas, can anyone please give me a simple idea with sketches as to what i could try, im not gonna copy it but use it as inspiration instead. thanks!
  6. SocknessMonster

    KOTH_turmoil v1

    things i need to add: spawn room for blue, paths to mid, flank routes. **if you can give any ideas for routes when leading up to the main point i will credit you immensely** special thanks: open fortress for the chimney model
  7. SocknessMonster

    KotH KOTH_turmoil

    Sir Puffs-A-Lot submitted a new resource: KOTH_turmoil - No smoking unless on break! Read more about this resource...
  8. SocknessMonster

    any spawn ideas?

    I think i have a good map chokepoint idea out but i need some good spawns that lead up to the chokepoint, any help? (sorry for the messed up ui)
  9. SocknessMonster

    dm_babysfirst - dm_babysfirst

    goo goo gaga, im a baby
  10. SocknessMonster

    DM dm_babysfirst

    oh there is? ill change it in a bit, thanks for telling!
  11. SocknessMonster

    DM dm_babysfirst

    Sir Puffs-A-Lot submitted a new resource: dm_duel! - wait, where are we? Read more about this resource...
  12. SocknessMonster

    dm_babysfirst v2

    this is my first map, but it was fun to make! i hope you can give me constructive criticism and to have fun, after an hour of thirty minutes in creation hopefully it was worth the wait
  13. SocknessMonster

    PL Train Factory

    what would be a good starter map to create?
  14. SocknessMonster

    any way to find motivation?

    i would really like to make maps but i just dont have any ideas coming up
  15. SocknessMonster

    PL Train Factory

    i just made an account to say that this map is awesome, where did you get the inspiration from?