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  1. Fish 2.0

    GrayPower a1a CURRENT VERSION: a1a Inspired by Hydro, this (to be) 3 stage PL map is set on top of, inside of and below a hydro electric dam that was built by Gray Mann in a last attempt to get enough power to his robots. Abandoned, BLU and RED battle to...
  2. Fish 2.0

    Kay I'm back bitchez (aka: who tf is this guy thread)

    guys pls stop be mean, i new to the TF2 mapping community.
  3. Fish 2.0

    Kay I'm back bitchez (aka: who tf is this guy thread)

    Good, actually. Kinda strange sitting in film history class like "oh shit, those TF2 mapping guys are likely still hanging around." Into the second year of uni, doing film. Everything is pretty cruisey, but the government has only just started my loan so money is a little tight but meh, I'll...
  4. Fish 2.0

    Kay I'm back bitchez (aka: who tf is this guy thread)

    Thought I would pop in and say hola, it's been like a year or however long since I have last been here. What's changed, what's new, what's fresh and spooky, what's shit and fun and good and bad. Lost touch with TF2 in general - how is Valve treating the mappers? Is TF2 ACTUALLY DYING...
  5. Fish 2.0

    3hr Heatmap Marathon Map Test

    The main issue here that people aren't really conveying to well is that the smoothing is giving us false data. Sure, it looks like a heatmap but it's giving us information that isn't true. I could point at pretty much any coloured pixel on that heatmap and there wouldn't have been a kill in...
  6. Fish 2.0

    The five random questions

    A bad koth is more fun than a bad ctf
  7. Fish 2.0

    UGC focus for Source 2.0?

    In alpha stages or when I'm not detailing the only reason I want to run around is for like scale and to get a feel, but lighting wise it's not important if it's accurate to me imo
  8. Fish 2.0

    (Unofficial) Unique CP Level Contest

    rip contest, you should never change large factors in rules when someone else needs to point it out - it shows bad organisation etc, who says there is some stuff someone uses but you don't see it fit so you just "change a rule" and make that persons work useless?
  9. Fish 2.0

    Engine hunk overflow error Please help

    If it is a successful compile it will tell you the runtime of the compile at the end of the log. I usually just look out for that so I know the map has compiled, however this method does not account for any leaks (maps usually compile with leaks).
  10. Fish 2.0

    CP orangezone_v1_a5

  11. Fish 2.0

    Hi, I am Sonny nice to meet you.

    Heads up, feedback will likely hurt feelings so dont take it to heart when you hear someone !fb boring map during gamedays, it's all part of the process :O
  12. Fish 2.0

    KotH zlayout

    Yeah. Giving the point more cover will solve a fair amount of the issues.
  13. Fish 2.0

    The Haiku Thread

    Poems need not be, and also do not need to match to a haiku.
  14. Fish 2.0

    The crap but funny feedback thread

    ignorance of law
  15. Fish 2.0

    KotH zlayout

    In my defense, you can stand at one point and shoot almost anyone in the playing area. In many other maps, one are only provides certain sightlines.
  16. Fish 2.0

    The crap but funny feedback thread

    cp_tethys_a23 pls in no way do I endorse crap feedback it's really crap but at the same time funny
  17. Fish 2.0

    KotH zlayout

    It's not so much the quality of the sightlines as it is the quantity. A sniper could stand anywhere and shoot someone on the other side of the playingfield. what about all the other lines it was in OP, sorry for assuming, there was no indications otherwise
  18. Fish 2.0

    KotH zlayout

    While we're on the topic of sightlines:
  19. Fish 2.0

    CP Strain

    nodraw on some stairs, pls fix I think there needs to be decals here to tell me where I'm going where do these go, signs pls side by side but lead to completely different places, signs pls I'm...