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  1. xobile

    Proworks - V1a

    V1 bug fix + minor changes full changelog on tftv
  2. xobile

    CP Proworks

    xobile updated Proworks with a new update entry: V1a Read the rest of this update entry...
  3. xobile

    Proworks V1a

    Original map by Ian "ScorpioUprising" Cuslidge Skybox by Aeon "Void" Bollig Edit of Metalworks intended for competitive play. Map is currently being run in ozfortress Sixes Season 35. If you have any other questions or want to run the map in a cup/season feel free to reach out to me on...
  4. xobile

    CP Proworks

    xobile submitted a new resource: Proworks - A rework of Metalworks Read more about this resource...
  5. xobile

    Hammer won't run map (Solved)

    have you tried opening the map through the console in game instead of going through hammer?
  6. xobile

    KotH Proside

    hey, I am aware of the other proside and spent some time trying to locate it or the original author, it would be a big help if you have a link or contact information as this version is based off that one.
  7. xobile

    KotH Proside

    alot of players seem to share that sentiment. I think most players prefer newer maps as they're easier to approach and there's less "oh why is this no longer like x and oh y is gone". I worked on this version because the map was no longer run and thought it would be interesting to see it in a...
  8. xobile

    KotH Proside

    yea sorry, first time uploading something to tf2maps messed up the cover image ahaha
  9. xobile

    Proside V1

    I thought I'd have a crack at reworking some aspects of lakeside as a fun side project. Any feedback is appreciated. Changes include the addition of a new walk way up to point (boardwalk), retextured blu side to help distinguish it from red and alot of the packs have been adjusted/moved or...
  10. xobile

    KotH Proside

    xobile submitted a new resource: Proside - A rework of Lakeside Read more about this resource...
  11. xobile

    Log shows props outside the map (probably leak), but cannot find any leaks. (also no prt files)

    Entity light_environment (-2668.01 -2919.88 1400.00) leaked! above the tool bar, select "View" then "Go to Coordinates..." seems like you have props outside the map aswell? but maybe your skybox isnt sealed