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  1. Bogdy


  2. Bogdy

    An In-Depth look into Bumper Cars by Prof. Heavy

    So, my buddy: Prof. Heavy (the one I worked on Trainn Co. with) has started this YouTube series where he talks about Bumper Cars and their unknown potential. It's really worth a watch, maybe it could bring new life to mapping and such. View:
  3. Bogdy

    Randomly Generated Maps

    First, ShitpostBot 5000. Now this.
  4. Bogdy

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    This ramp probably won't fit at all with the theme later on, but eh, we'll see what we can do.
  5. Bogdy

    Arms Race 3

    Fun fact: Wircea (the guy whose guide is linked in the first answer of the FAQ) is collaborating with me for the MvM contest. We thought it was a hilarious coincidence.
  6. Bogdy

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    We lighted it up. (I know, I'll have to build cubemaps.)
  7. Bogdy

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    What my team and I are working on for the MvM contest. (Actually the first time I nailed proper room lighting, even though it's blatantly ripping off Mannworks.)
  8. Bogdy

    Made my account 2 years ago, only just got to using it today :I

    Fancy work you have there, man. I hope you will put those skills to good use in the TF2 universe.
  9. Bogdy

    What do you have copied on your keyboard right now?

    you work out but do you fidget spin??? It sickens me that people associate fidget spinners with autism. I'll have you know that mastering the fidget spinner is no easy feat. You have no idea how much time, effort, and money I put into this passion of mine. I had to sell three of my highest...
  10. Bogdy

    TF2Maps and Potato’s MvM Servers Present: Mappers vs Machines

    Question: Does someone who makes promotional SFM posters (doesn't contribute to level design) for the map counts as being part of the collab group?
  11. Bogdy

    TF2Maps Presents: The Summer 2016 72hr TF2Jam!

    I have just noticed that I won't be able to participate at the normal date, so could I do it on the weekend that starts at the 16th?
  12. Bogdy

    TF2Maps Presents: The Summer 2016 72hr TF2Jam!

    Guess what, because I am a lazy piece of shit I will make the 2nd episode of Map Dissection only for the jam. #iregretnothing
  13. Bogdy

    set an ANY team obj_teleporter

    Ummm... Couldn't you use a trigger_teleport instead? Just place a prop with its model set to a teleporter, and use a trigger_teleport (which, by default, will work for both teams). This should be an easier workaround.
  14. Bogdy

    Make an Invisible Button

    Isn't that supposed to be the other way around for TF2?
  15. Bogdy

    Ye Olde Workshoppe - The mighty quest for an epic update

    This sort of makes me want to finish Bloodmount. Too bad I am such a procrastinator.
  16. Bogdy

    Staff Promotion!

    Dis gon b gud.
  17. Bogdy

    What is the texture name of a railing

    Pretty sure they are models/props, as making them brushes would be too time consuming. (Not only with actually making the brushes, but also with func_detailing them.)
  18. Bogdy

    Do you think the next big update will have comepletely new weapon(s)?

    Heh. (Don't get me wrong, I would like a proper inspect animation for the sharp dresser.)
  19. Bogdy

    Lets talk about the next 72hrJam!

    Wouldn't that cut a bit of the creative freedom?
  20. Bogdy

    PL lair

    Screenshots? No? Ok...