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  1. Garuda112

    Tminus a32e This is a map created by University of Baltimore Students. This is the payload map called Tminus: BLU team has invaded a Mann Co. Rocket and Launch Facility to launch a rocket to the moon. Notes: -Sorry, for the time being the rocket...
  2. Garuda112 72hr Winter Mapping Classic, January 17th, 2014.

    Not necessarily. Again, I would be assuming that the name of the contest changes enough so the abbreviations would be unique (like how the major one is the Tale of Two Skillsets). But that brings up a point. The name of each contest would have to be equally different and it might get difficult...
  3. Garuda112 72hr Winter Mapping Classic, January 17th, 2014.

    I think a good idea would be to just add an iteration that's an abbreviation of the specific contest. For example, my map would be koth_garuda_72_wmc (winter mapping classic), while the Summer Mapping Cup would be _smc. That would not only keep the prior naming convention but also make each...
  4. Garuda112

    KotH Garuda_72

    Map will not be updated until the contest is over. That said, any feedback is appreciated.
  5. Garuda112 72hr Winter Mapping Classic - UPLOAD THREAD This is my submission for the 72 hour contest, a KotH map with a twist. For the theme, I made a series of doors open on a set of timers so the current hill-owning team has to "prep up" for more ways to get attacked or flanked. Also, the...
  6. Garuda112

    First areas of my MvM map

    Alias makes a good point with the props, but it would be more important than just making the area look better. Much of the map looks very open, and it would give snipers (of both bots and players) a huge advantage. Plus, cover would allow slower classes to be safe while on the move. I heard a...
  7. Garuda112

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    It sure as heck looks decent. Also, I love bridges and overhangs, and fancy brushwork.
  8. Garuda112

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    Yep. It looks far more appropriate being thicker. Makes moving earth (or people's innards I suppose) more feasible by the design.
  9. Garuda112

    Hello, I want to build maps!

    Hello there! There are plenty of resources on this website that will get you on the right path. I'm assuming you have had no experience with Hammer, correct? Coincidentially enough, I just went through the perfect thread for starting out. Its Mapping-Link Resources - many good bits of info...
  10. Garuda112

    KotH Causeway

    r3uben, could you provide us a top-down image of the map? It makes it easier to see the layout as a whole. Thanks! ~G
  11. Garuda112

    ARENA Suijin

    To be honest this is a gorgeous map - the small details, water, cherry blossoms, and sense of place - all of it. This map is currently serving as an inspiration for my KotH map layout (currently hoping it will not come out too similar). The custom models, too, are excellent - maybe I'll pitch in...
  12. Garuda112

    make_triangles:calc_triangle_representation: Cannot convert

    I've had that crop up with some assorted props while I worked on tminus. In particular, it involved the train missile prop (three missiles strapped together on a bed). The error was apparently tied to the prop as it would go away when I removed them. The coordinates had nothing to do with the...
  13. Garuda112

    CP highsilver

    You're serious that it took 12 hours straight to compile the map as it is? I'd think that would be the symptom of the scaling. First, like the others mentioned above, the sightlines are quite large, and at simplest there will need to be cover between routes. This could mean adding buildings or...
  14. Garuda112

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    Remember that Alpine/Highlands/Snowy Desert/Whatever the Heck it is theme I posted earlier? Well, I'm making progress on the accompanying KotH map. Its not yet playable, as I have a little more alpha detailing/tweaks and some nasty sight lines to address (maybe lengthening the map too) Also, I'm...
  15. Garuda112

    Unit spawning under the map floor, need some help in fixes.

    I went ahead and checked out the map. My first suspicion was that the spawns on the ground level were the issue, and that's what it was. To fix, just raise the ground-level spawns in the air. 16 or 32 units is fine, as long as they are up. This should be a general rule of thumb for making...
  16. Garuda112

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    Dang, that looks nice. Good job with the lighting yacan. I would recommend ground lighting - strips of red neon lights that line the base of the floor. Like these, only the lights would be a strip and surrounded by metal plating (closer to the smaller image's design). Something like that...
  17. Garuda112

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    Now I want to test somebody's tf2 map with a zeppelin that shoots rockets. Great, thanks. Now you have to make it.
  18. Garuda112

    CP Facilityhike

    That turned out to be the case. Thanks, night! I basically deleted all the .bsps from my flashdrive and then saved a new version of the map into the /maps folder. So yes, technically I have all five files in that spot but P1xel8ed said it was fixed on his end. So, it looks like the issue was...
  19. Garuda112

    CP Facilityhike

    This was the first time I even used HDR, so that isn't the problem. The main issue is with the cubemaps not registering to all others that play the map, seemingly regardless of what method I try to fix it.
  20. Garuda112

    CP Facilityhike

    I played the demo and noticed some of the feedback. A lot of it makes sense, and it looks like there's going to be a lot of work ahead to fix the map. I know its the first ever test and they're the harshest, but it makes fixing it easily recognizable and possible. I suppose it was not bad for...