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  1. NuclearRadio

    The 2015 72hr Winter Special!

  2. NuclearRadio

    CP cp_terminal

    Beta6 is underway, this'll be a big gameplay/visuals/detailing update! so it's gonna be a WHILE! and yes I got my files back with my Laptop fixed!
  3. NuclearRadio

    UPDATE: My Laptop (with all my maps I've been working on) took a shit and died. But I was able...

    UPDATE: My Laptop (with all my maps I've been working on) took a shit and died. But I was able to download and decompile my current downloads of the maps. So that's set me back...
  4. NuclearRadio

    CTF CTF Grey 2 fort [Moist]

    Screenshots, please?. I'm interested.
  5. NuclearRadio

    CP Silvertrail

    Looks nice! reminds me of Swiftwater
  6. NuclearRadio

    US Casual 8/24/2014 - Rotation Submissions

  7. NuclearRadio

    CP cp_terminal

    *cough* it's beta5 *cough* *cough* and this isn't my first map, you know. *cough* plus I find it easier to map without using dev textures.
  8. NuclearRadio

    KotH Midtown

    This looks great! I can't wait to see later versions! keep up the good work, mate!
  9. NuclearRadio

    CP cp_terminal

    B5 Released! :D
  10. NuclearRadio

    CP Incan

    Looks promising! can't wait to see the Beta.
  11. NuclearRadio

    KotH Clay

    Thanks for the feedback! :thumbup: I plan on making those ledges nobuild, and sloped, but with enough room to crouch along them. I'm going to add the resupply cabinets. the main area you said with the block that's the same level is going to be highly wooded and detailed, so it won't give the...
  12. NuclearRadio

    KotH Clay

    Alpha 2 is released! This time it's actually playable (more or less.)
  13. NuclearRadio

    CP cp_terminal

    I'm completely remaking Blu spawn, helping to make it actually possible to Cap 1st point. turning the former spawn room into a route to A. it might be a while til it's out, though.
  14. NuclearRadio

    KotH Former Cornfield

    Man, this is what I wanted cp_terminal to look like. Looks great, man.
  15. NuclearRadio

    KotH Clay

    Geez guys, I have it on Fullbright for Testing purposes, geez... I'll fix the Download link now too.. you guys are so picky..
  16. NuclearRadio

    KotH Clay

    A1 Released
  17. NuclearRadio

    KotH Clay

    I've learned much more about mapping from my failures on my other maps, and I've got a good feeling about this map. Feedback Please. :D
  18. NuclearRadio

    CP Dusty Desert

    I love it.
  19. NuclearRadio

    US Gameday - Saturday August 2nd

    Map: cp_terminal_b4 Download: Thread: 22743
  20. NuclearRadio

    CP Ironside

    Lookin' good!