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  1. Mariner

    Age range of TF2 mappers

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? I'm 21, and here I thought I was prematurely jaded...
  2. Mariner

    Clarification about "comp players still playing" and why I am so bitter about TF2

    This, I think, is the smoking gun that illustrates how poorly Valve's actually maintained the mechanics of balance. If you lose connection to the loadout server, TF2 turns into an entirely different game, and it's because of the mission creep and general unbalancing of the unlocks both within...
  3. Mariner

    heres a GREAT site to detail your mall map with vintage decor

    heres a GREAT site to detail your mall map with vintage decor
  4. Mariner

    The Über Update, Day One

    HERETIC! HERETIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC TBH, It's entirely possible that it's much lighter than the original Flamethrower, which does kind of correlate with it being less powerful.
  5. Mariner

    The Über Update, Day One

    Donning my naïveté hat for a moment, the idea that the Pyro might simply be gay would be a nice nod to J.C. Leyendecker's homosexuality, and the fact that his work helped to tinge (or rather, underscore) the popular ideal of the "man's man" containing homoerotic undertones. Of course, I hate...
  6. Mariner

    Who else thinks the new Hospital map is an updated version of Rock2 from Team Fortres

    You're ignoring the quite bloody decapitations in-game and outright gore from Meet the Spy.
  7. Mariner

    CTF Estate

    To fix the red cross problem, why not use yellow crosses, or even green ones? Those colors wouldn't conflict with either team. EDIT: Grazr suggested the same thing. DERPHERPDERPDERP
  8. Mariner

    CTF Estate

    As an idea to complement grazr's suggestion, I was at the Heniz History Center last month, and it's ceiling is a fascinating example and study of how bricks are used in architecture. The building itself used to be an icehouse, and that ceiling is actually made up of tiny, shallow brick arches...
  9. Mariner

    Post Your Replays Here Clocktower DHOOM Yes, that is a Demolitions shield. Yes, it is awesome.
  10. Mariner

    Beta update 4/26/2011

    Terrible ideas, but they're at least doing what they said they intended to do, experiment.
  11. Mariner

    A Poll: HDR on? Or HDR off?

    HDR off, though I only do it because of the bloom.
  12. Mariner

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    From what it looks like, it's not even that colored lighting is necessarily bad, but there's no way in hell those tunnels would EVER be that purple, unless it was made of purple stone.
  13. Mariner

    Bullet Crops Project.

  14. Mariner

    Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack

    Yeah, my bad. I got rid of it.
  15. Mariner

    Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack

    Yeah, except for the fact that AVG is MORE SHIT. Besides, Norton was perfectly fine with the previous version of this installer, and I'm betting that within a day it'll be fine, as it deleted it on the grounds that it was an uncommon file. EDIT: Or I can do what I just did and disable the...
  16. Mariner

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    YOU MUST place jawbreakers in this map. FOR THE LULS.
  17. Mariner

    Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack

    Ugh, Norton now thinks this exe is a virus... ARRRRRGHSDFLJRGYJTDKLJFD! D:
  18. Mariner

    TF2 Beta Update March 09, 2011

    I think this is exactly what this means.
  19. Mariner

    Going to visit Valve

    Well, think of that as a cheap tutorial on how the REAL stock market works. But regardless, if Valve actually implemented a custom mod/scripting/content system identical to how the one in L4D2 works, we could fix the damn game anyway we wanted and play on our own servers. Implement Trotim's...
  20. Mariner

    Going to visit Valve

    The excuse that they can't "go back" on mistakes like this is frankly a bullshit excuse, because they're already done exactly that for things like the Natascha. Valve, are you afraid that undoing a bad idea would be frowned upon, even if the customers are asking for exactly that to happen...