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    PL Kemilnewthing

    Don't forget to pack those trees!

    Zeus' Texture Grab Bag

    Those pirate textures are perfect! thanks for posting this :)

    Minor Contest #4: TFConnect [Results]

    Big thanks to the Contest runners for holding together this event! and congrats to all the top 10, the speed these were made is wicked

    Minor Contest #4: TFConnect [Upload Thread]

    CTF Grinch

    YOYOYO updated Grinch with a new update entry: Packed Differently Read the rest of this update entry...

    Grinch - Packed Differently

    Repacked the map using VIDE instead of compilepal, so should most likely be fixed. If it still did not fully pack, I'd appreciate someone telling me. Added: Special thanks to @Gamer_X for the help on the tree flag logic, the tree should now be on the back of the player, instead of growing out...

    CTF Grinch

    Thanks, I wrote it at 2 am in a caffeinated delirium.

    CTF Grinch

    YOYOYO submitted a new resource: Grinch - ..and the merc's hitbox grew 3 sizes that day! (Made for TFcontest) Read more about this resource...

    Grinch a1a

    It's been a while, so I decided I should start trying to catch up Made for the current Smissmas themed TFcontest, using the tree model as the flag. I'm starting to notice a trend with my ctf maps; I made a Romeo and Juliet theme map that used poison bottles as flags. maybe a fluke. ~~~~ Tale...
  10. YOYOYO

    Why no moving boats?

    Hey, that's actually a pretty cool mapping concept! Guess I really didn't dig deep enough, you had 2 right off the top And yeah, I've always heard its only 'true' tf2 when a map takes place in a completely desolate and abandoned area, which sometimes makes sense but, rules can be broken. Just...
  11. YOYOYO

    CTF Wrapping (TFConnect contest)

    This is definitely far and away the most original idea I've seen for the contest so far. Cheers to the action figures idea
  12. YOYOYO

    Why no moving boats?

    I've noticed a surplus of trains in tf2 maps (which is great, I love trains), but I don't think I've ever seen a moving boat in a map. or a car/truck model for that matter. I don't think it'd be that difficult to apply the same pathing to a boat model, maybe add some particles to the back for...
  13. YOYOYO

    Oh happy Birthday! can't miss my favorite greeks big day

    Oh happy Birthday! can't miss my favorite greeks big day
  14. YOYOYO

    CTF Doublefrost

    by god, this is quite the concept!
  15. YOYOYO

    Happy Birthday : )

    Happy Birthday : )
  16. YOYOYO

    Happy Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday!!
  17. YOYOYO


    How do you manage to do this?? you detailing wizard
  18. YOYOYO

    Hoappy :)

    Hoappy :)
  19. YOYOYO

    Vielen Dank!

    Vielen Dank!
  20. YOYOYO

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    I would suggest making a seperate thread for your thoughts and updates on your model, rather than triple posting on the Main WIP thread :)