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  1. Pocket

    portal file not finishing loading

    Keep in mind that the default Hammer's compiler window will always freeze after it's been open for a certain amount of time because of a Windows "feature" that interprets any window that's not interactable as having frozen and forcibly stopping it from updating. That doesn't mean it's stopped...
  2. Pocket

    (New here) Wait so you use Hammer and VScript together?

    Hammer++ isn't required to do VScript stuff (Valve would not add a new feature to their game that's not compatible with their own editor, and especially wouldn't somehow magically make it compatible with a third-party editor), but it does offer some powerful features you won't get from the...
  3. Pocket

    how to download london map

    If you're asking about the map that the London Pack's homepage is full of screenshots of, it's not in the pack because it's a custom gamemode that's only available in the Open Fortress mod.
  4. Pocket

    Help with custom props

    What happens when you try to load it in HLMV? Specifically, does it complain about any missing files, or say you have 0 triangles? I've definitely had this happen before, and off the top of my head I don't remember what it turns out I did wrong, but maybe we can figure it out.
  5. Pocket

    Lighting glitch

    Whatever material you used is pointing to a $bumpmap that doesn't exist, so it's replacing it with a the default fuchsia-and-black checkerboard used for missing textures.
  6. Pocket


    I've noticed that you're using a custom no-entry texture, so here's a suggestion: The stock one uses a special shader parameter called $distancealpha to produce a super-high-detailed, almost vector-like edge from a relatively low-res texture. Here's some info on how it works and how to create...
  7. Pocket

    More Vehicles

    Much appreciated. Loving the new cars too, although shouldn't the "checker" one have actual checks on its taxicab-yellow skin? I assume that's what it's meant for.
  8. Pocket

    [Resource] Architectural References

    Not architecture, but there's no sense making a whole new thread just for this: Somebody has an archive of a buttload of old Sears, Penney's, and Montgomery Ward catalogs, which means photos of all kinds of consumer products from the mid 20th century that model makers could use as reference.
  9. Pocket

    Honey wake up, new clipping meta just dropped

    I suppose you could do that, as long as the walls extend most of the way into the frame. Mine only touch the outside edges. Oh, and in case anyone's wondering, the blockbullets brushes are 10 units thick, enough to peek out slightly around the inner frame.
  10. Pocket

    [TUTORIAL] func_monitor resolution calculation

    I'm super out of the loop. WHEN DID THEY FIX FUNC_MONITOR IN TF2???
  11. Pocket

    Honey wake up, new clipping meta just dropped

    Tired: Wired: Thoughts? I can't believe no one thought of doing this before, and I wonder if maybe there's a good reason for it.
  12. Pocket

    Model Handrails (Expansion Pack)

    I remember someone did a smaller version of this years ago, but they were all rotated 90 degrees relative to the official ones (because of some weird quirk of how importing and/or exporting works) so I fired up Crowbar and fixed them myself. Anyway, Windows reported that 12 of your files have...
  13. Pocket

    Where can I find the props from the meet the team videos?

    Somebody posted a huge dump of leaked SFM assets—which also includes things like the power tools in the Engineer Update teaser, all of the props from "Meet the Medic", and even the tape recorder from "Expiration Date"—here a few years ago. Can't remember who it was and I didn't bookmark the...
  14. Pocket

    Propper/ Maximum of Brushes

    I think I read somewhere that Hammer can also run out of ID numbers to assign to new brushes if you created and deleted too many because it only looks at the highest number when assigning numbers to new brushes. Is that true? I know that if you were to copy everything and paste it into a new map...
  15. Pocket

    Zeus' Texture Grab Bag

    Yeah, if Valve ever wanted to do a complete remake of TF2 in Source 2 or whatever, it'd be nice if they not only remade all their textures from scrach using modern methods (and with a heavier reliance on shader-based tinting so you could customize the colors right in the map editor) but made...
  16. Pocket

    TC Newsie

    As I mentioned during the test, you've got good taste in third-party assets. I'm going to have to do some digging and figure out where they all came from; even the plain wood paneled walls look custom even though you'd think there would be something like that already in the game. Or maybe it is...
  17. Pocket

    Zeus' Texture Grab Bag

    I've seen the carpets in action over in Newsie. Great stuff. And it's about time somebody went into the carpet-making business around here; there are only like three alleged carpet textures in the game, and they're all... well, alleged. And none of them are blue, so they wouldn't be of much use...
  18. Pocket

    Model Zungry's Random Content Pack

    Ooh, I like the bucket. Needs a matching CAUTION: WET FLOOR sign.
  19. Pocket

    Substance Painter & Designer

    You've never actually released this texture, have you? Seems like it'd be useful.
  20. Pocket

    Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    Some of us like having information publicly documented somewhere so we can access it at our leisure, rather than needing to keep some proprietary chat app open 24/7 lest we miss an interesting conversation at the exact moment it happens. Shockingly, sometimes new things are less convenient than...