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  1. Crash

    KotH Farmed

    Workshop release!
  2. Crash

    KotH Farmed

    Crash updated Farmed with a new update entry: V2 Read the rest of this update entry...
  3. Crash

    Farmed - V2

    Changelog: Fixed missing detail sprites/ repainted grass alphas Removed some extra unneeded props Removed some leftover entity work from Invasion version of the map Light optimization work Fixed missing/ cut overlays
  4. Crash

    KotH Farmed

    Crash submitted a new resource: Farmed - A mildly familiar farm themed koth map Read more about this resource...
  5. Crash

    Farmed V2

    Experimental "why not" non-seasonally themed version of Probed.
  6. Crash

    US Scheduled Test (Mini-Gameday) - 3/22/2023

    Author: UEAKCrash/ Freyja Filename: pl_oasis_rc3 Gamemode: Payload TF2Maps thread link:
  7. Crash

    CP Overgrown

    Crash updated Overgrown with a new update entry: RC8 Read the rest of this update entry...
  8. Crash

    Overgrown - RC8

    Changelog: Adjusted the lighting around the map to be a little less warm, especially indoors Heavily optimized the map further Implemented a number of small bug fixes and adjustments Updated custom asset usages
  9. Crash

    PL Oasis

    Crash updated Oasis with a new update entry: RC3 Read the rest of this update entry...
  10. Crash

    Oasis - RC3

    Changelog: Experimental: Added new platform route in oasis connecting two forward spawn exits, this should help the oasis area be more connected and encourage more usage of the outside route Experimental: Added new route connecting right and center paths going into the sphinx, this should help...
  11. Crash

    PL Oasis

    Crash updated Oasis with a new update entry: RC...2! Read the rest of this update entry...
  12. Crash

    Oasis - RC...2!

    RC1 (internally tested): Brought the map up to parity with the event version, gameplay-wise Ton of optimization and small visual tweaks Updated usage of custom assets RC2: Adjusted/ cleaned up a few routes, the big one is removing the stairway making a room have a drop down, benefitting Blu...
  13. Crash

    PL Shoreleave

    Video changelog going into a bit more detail on what I did this version: View:
  14. Crash

    CP Monastery

    !fb sightline
  15. Crash

    PL Shoreleave

    I couldn't release a PERFECT version of the map, what would everyone have to look forward to finally getting fixed in 5 years?
  16. Crash

    Nerds, mostly

    Nerds, mostly
  17. Crash

    PL Shoreleave

    Honestly the biggest factor was using the updated Frontline pack that reduced all the props filesize. So most of that work was done for me before I even started working on it again!
  18. Crash

    PL Shoreleave

    Crash updated Shoreleave with a new update entry: RC2! Read the rest of this update entry...
  19. Crash

    Shoreleave - RC2!

    Changelog: Dramatically improved optimization on the map THEORETICALLY fixed the mat_phong 0 crashing bug, if anyone can confirm this for sure, that would be great! I'm fairly certain this is solved, though! Reduced the compressed filesize by 40mb Fixed or removed a number of buggy props Fixed a...
  20. Crash

    Brand New Here

    Welcome to the site!