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    KotH Watermill

    This map is awesome and we still play it on our server. Plz add it to workshop to make it official.
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    SD Congo

    Lets hope for a 2013 release maybe xD. Kidding. Just hope to be released some day...
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    CP Snakewater

    Congrats for the Official release!!! It was already in my server mapcycle but now people wont have to download it.
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    Teh pink bug.
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    KotH Namicott

    :( Still too bright. Even with HDR off its kinda bright? Maybe it is something to do with my settings? Didnt have the problem on rc1 or any other map. I ll tell a friend to test it too to confirm it is no just me. EDIT: From another user screenshots...
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    KotH Namicott

    @Sergis: I really love you map and had rc1 on our server but maybe there is something wrong with HDR in rc2?
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    SD Congo

    Dat first proper SD map!!! Any progress?
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    PL Borneo

    Right now the map is about 50:50 win / lose in our public server. Lets see if v4 changes anything.
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    CP Edifice

    b3_test1 not in the changelog
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    KotH Highpass

    Hey bloodhound. I find the map really cool. Are you still working on it? Will we see a beta (full textures) version so i can put it on our server?
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    CTF Turbine re-artpass

    I will surely put it on my server when it hits beta (has all textures).
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    KotH Summit

    Looks cool. Plz put some object so it wont be so sniper friendly.
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    SD Congo

    Cant wait. I am waiting for a new sd map to put on my server forever. Good work.
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    Hey you. Can you fix the bug on the last stage where the cart stucks in the beginning? I love...

    Hey you. Can you fix the bug on the last stage where the cart stucks in the beginning? I love this map and i had it in my server for a while. I want to use it again if possible :(
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    CTF Turbine re-artpass

    Thats looks cool. Is the rest of the map detailed?
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    KotH Railbridge

    Can we expect an update or should i downgrade to previous version?
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    KotH Railbridge

    Metal wire fencing? Like this? If you can see through it but dont shoot through it, it will be fine. Sniper will see their targets but cant shoot through it and mini senties will not have ridiculous vision.
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    KotH Railbridge

    Removed wooden walls from Control Point I think this change is for the worst. Players on the server reported the same. Mini sentries have too much vision now. Demos spam too much. Snipers have too much vision. What is your thoughts that made you remove them? I personally like it very...
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    Arena -> Koth

    Is it easy to someone who knows about mapping to convert a arena map to koth? I really like ctf_mach4 and arena_mach. Is it easy for someone to do it for me? I asked the dev, he would like it but he has no time right now. In paper it...
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    PL Escarpment

    Download link doesnt work.