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    ESEA-Invite Player lucrative's New Map Testing! (for 6v6) So, what happens now?
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    Using Entity keyvalue in output

    I don't think there's a way to pass data inside a keyvalue like how math_counter's OutValue and OnGetValue passes data to the parameter of an input... It would be extremely useful but no, as far I'm aware it's not possible.
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    Why can't I rotate infodecals?

    You can rotate decals using $basetexuretransform, not as convenient let's say overlays to manipulate but you might as well use overlays over decals when you're new to mapping.
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    Playing sounds for 1 team only Use gcfscape to extract Soundscripts from the misc vpk in the tf folder if you need examples
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    How do I make my block tool bind with other blocks more smoothly and evenly

    I think the roofs are displacements so turn whatever brush you want as you put it "bind with other blocks more smoothly and evenly"
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    Playing sounds for 1 team only

    Tf_gamerules, use PlayVORed/Blue
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    Hiding Hud

    Input SetHUDVisibility 0 to a player to hide their hud.
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    Valve Maps(Decompiled)

    Late response my bad but it turns out it's blocked for trojan.banload said by a staff member on Malwarebytes forums. Even uBlock Origin goes out of it's way to prevent access.
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    Valve Maps(Decompiled)

    The download links are flagged as phishing sites by Malwarebytes, why is this case? I was trying to get tr_target to look at how it was done. Looks like I have to decompile it myself.
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    Deahtrun map making

    Sounds like you just want to throw all the work you don't want to do in the process of mapmaking onto someone else. What's in it for the collaborator(s)? You might find someone willing if there's monetary incentive.
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    Model Rescaling

    Delete the phy file you got from compiling and use the original models phy file
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    Custom HUD icons

    No it doesn't, r_screenoverlay is flagged as a cheat command. You're out of luck, there's little to no options to change or add new HUD elements with the tools you have as a mapper. It's sad but that's the reality of things and it's most likely not going to change.
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    Filtering by a Player's Health

    L4D2 has something like that but nothing in tf2 that can check players health and activate I/O based on it. You're out of luck unless you make a sourcemod plugin to do what you want. If you really want something like that in tf2, send the TF team an e-mail about it.
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    UEAKCrash's 2018 April Fool's Day Mini-Contest!

    Is it allowed to use handmade sourcemod plugins to handle the entity side of the map? There's only so much you can do with the entities in hammer only, tf2 doesn't have vscripts like newer Valve games do.
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    Frontline Asset Lighting Problem

    Is the prop origin inside something? Maybe the wall?
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    Upscaled props fading at obscure angles problem

    I'm aware that you have to specify the $scale command before any .smd references otherwise the prop won't scale up. Thank you anyways.
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    Upscaled props fading at obscure angles problem

    Commenting out $bbox did the trick! Thank you guys for your time helping me out.
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    Upscaled props fading at obscure angles problem

    I tried a max quality fps to see if it's the graphics settings but no it still stops rendering so I think what you said about the origin might be it. Anything I could use to force it to stay visible regardless?
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    Upscaled props fading at obscure angles problem

    Hey guys, I'm having some trouble with recompiled stock props that I scaled up with the $scale qc command They are disappearing in plain sight and I don't know what to do for solving that issue. I'm not well-versed with how models work in source so I ask if any of you guys know anything I can do...
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    DisableAndEndTouch freezing the game

    Disable input works but I want to know if this problem affects more people than me.