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  1. iiboharz

    I requaiers some help

    Don't put spaces or capital letters in your map filename, it can cause issues with the game.
  2. iiboharz

    Skybox Tanker Skybox

    iiboharz submitted a new resource: Tanker Skybox - the skybox from my old map Tanker! it doesn't move. Read more about this resource...
  3. iiboharz

    Tanker Skybox 2022-11-21

    Here's the skybox i made for pl_tanker back in 2015! I think I uploaded this back in the day, but I guess it didn't survive the 2015 site transition. If you use this please credit me! Thanks to Katsu for the Tanker screenshots!
  4. iiboharz

    How to fix view distance for models

    Go to the "3D View" tab in Hammer's options and turn the render distance sliders way up.
  5. iiboharz

    that's so kind of you! thank you so much.

    that's so kind of you! thank you so much.
  6. iiboharz

    Is it possible to install ABS to Hammer++?

    You just need to mount tf-abs.fgd as normal, you don't need to do anything else.
  7. iiboharz

    System Cannot Find File Specified (After toying with Boojum Snark, Puddy, Hammer ++)

    It's almost as if that's almost what might be causing the problem. Wow! Snark aside -- yeah it looks like vbsp isn't even running, thus vvis and vrad don't actually have a bsp file to work with, so that would probably be a good place to start. If you're using the compile function in Hammer...
  8. iiboharz

    Acme Steel

    This took approximately 7-9 hours from start to finish. The whole scene is over 1 million triangles (most of which are the train tracks.) Here's some behind the scenes screenshots!
  9. iiboharz

    Acme Steel

    iiboharz submitted a new resource: Acme Steel - A 3D remake of one of TF2's coolest pieces of concept art. Read more about this resource...
  10. iiboharz

    Acme Steel 2022-07-24

    For this year's jam I couldn't figure out what to do. Sunday morning I had the cool idea of re-making the following concept art using game assets in Blender, which is in my opinion one of the coolest and most striking pieces concept art made for TF2. Original: Remake:
  11. iiboharz

    .rmf, .vmf, and .map

    Go to Tools > Options and make sure "Map Type" is set to "Half-Life 2". Who can even say why this is even an option to begin with.
  12. iiboharz

    How do I configure dynamic lights?

    They're a little finicky - what do you want to use light_dynamic for anyway? Its uses are quite limited.
  13. iiboharz

    The Weird Feedbacks Thread

    notice the lack of coordinates on the first one (which is referring to a specific thing in the map) and the presence of coordinates on the second one (which is referring to the map in general)
  14. iiboharz

    Being able to see hitboxes/collision of props

    Well for one that's not a prop, it's brush geometry. But to answer your question the command you're looking for is vcollide_wireframe 1. There is no distinction between hitscan and projectile collision, they're the same thing.
  15. iiboharz

    Model Thicker Well Vault Door

    iiboharz updated Thicker Well Vault Door with a new update entry: EXTENDED VARIANTS!! Read the rest of this update entry...
  16. iiboharz

    Thicker Well Vault Door - EXTENDED VARIANTS!!

    I have now included 256 and 512 unit thick variants! Happy mapping!
  17. iiboharz

    Model Thicker Well Vault Door

    iiboharz submitted a new resource: Thicker Well Vault Door - 128 unit thick version Read more about this resource...
  18. iiboharz

    Thicker Well Vault Door v2

    Happy April Fools! A thicker version of hte Well vault door prop so that it can fit a 128 unit thick wall instead of the default's 80 units(???) No need to credit me for the edit, this took all of like, 5 minutes to do.
  19. iiboharz

    Substance Painter & Designer

    They don't. Normal maps are generated *from* height maps.