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  1. nik

    Weatherlab a2 Weatherlab Version: Pre-Alpha 2 Introducing PL_Weatherlab, a branching Payload map. You're probably wondering "how the shit does branching payload work?", well it's quite simple. This is a 'badwater' style payload map, so there are 4 points to...
  2. nik

    looks like we can have servers now

    Are there any plans for TF2M to have a permanent cs:go server? gamedays would be pretty cool.
  3. nik Mapping Contest #7: Payload (Dynamic element)

    Sounds alot like a little map you may or may not be familiar with.
  4. nik

    Hello all. Good to see you.

  5. nik

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    Salmon are a hell of a fish. Those bitches swim up waterfalls.
  6. nik

    Yet another Valve ARG

    I'm telling you. It's fucking episode 3/hl3. Like seriously guys, I'm calling it. Bookmark my post so I can laugh when it's true.
  7. nik

    Map, Map, Map...

    Grazr has finally met his match?
  8. nik

    TF2Maps Graphics Worm

    Let's just hope this thread doesn't turn into a bad apple.
  9. nik

    Increased Police Violence in OWS protests

    Occupy Toronto ended with pretty much nothing happening, the police dealt with it extremely well. Then we all went out for Tim's.
  10. nik

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    That's really scary.
  11. nik

    TF2M Motivational Thread.

    But that's like...your opinion, man..
  12. nik

    KotH Moonwalker

    Oh, you.
  13. nik

    CTF Shad

    The old prince still lives at home.
  14. nik

    TF2M Motivational Thread.

    Why has nobody said ABS (someone probably did but I didn't read most of the posts)? I remember when I was active (lol) ABS was the grandfather sage man. oh shit man I've been so inactive I just realized this whole thread is like 6 months old oops
  15. nik

    CTF Shad

    Not sure what's stranger: opening tf2m to see my favourite canadian rapper, or the fact that prestige possibly has good taste in music.
  16. nik

    Requesting Mappers for a New SOURCE game!

    MarbleBlast was the sickest game ever. This better be like that.
  17. nik

    KotH Boathouse

    Rotate the textures so the planks line up to look more realistic.
  18. nik

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    FUCK you and your 4000th post. I was lurking for weeks
  19. nik

    kaaatteeee beeaaaatttoooooonnn

    kaaatteeee beeaaaatttoooooonnn