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  1. Da Spud Lord

    Smoothly transitioning from one texture to another back-and-forth in-game

    env_texturetoggle does not let you toggle between VMTs, you can only switch between different frames in a single VMT/VTF. For something like this, I would recommend material_modify_control, which allows much greater control over materials by letting you manipulate nearly any material variable...
  2. Da Spud Lord

    Setting control point owner immediately

    Maybe place 2 red and 2 blu points outside the map, and randomly teleport them into place on a new round?
  3. Da Spud Lord

    Can't edit input tab

    You don't edit the Input tab, the Input tab is simply an unmodifiable view that aggregates information from the Output tabs of other entities. More specifically, the Input tab simply shows what other entities have outputs that send inputs to this entity. To give an entity an input or edit an...
  4. Da Spud Lord

    Missing models from model browser?

    cappoint_hologram changes its appearance through bodygroups, not skins. Bodygroup 0 is neutral, 2 is red, 3 is blue.
  5. Da Spud Lord

    In & Out - Detailing Contest 2021 [VOTING]

    Scores: Feedback: If you have any questions about anything I've said here, feel free to hit me up.
  6. Da Spud Lord

    How do you pose models?

    You can't pose models in Hammer, you can only set it to use one of its existing animations. If you wanted a custom pose or animation, you'd have to decompile the model, create a new animation for it consisting of the desired pose, and recompile the model.
  7. Da Spud Lord

    A power outage while I was saving erased my map.

    If you have compiled your map at all since creating it, you could decompile the last compiled version of it, which will give you an editable VMF based on what the map looked like the last time you compiled it. Depending on how long ago that was, you may or may not have lost a lot of work, but it...
  8. Da Spud Lord

    Map is fullbright using extra parameters

    You put the parameters in the wrong place. The -game parameter should be followed by a file path to the TF2 files, but you put the -staticproppolys, -textureshadows, and -staticproplighting parameters between -game and its file path. Try moving those before the -game parameter.
  9. Da Spud Lord

    Props with improper lightmapping

    Maybe it's something to do with your graphics configuration? Try running the game with the -autoconfig parameter (after copying your cfg files to a different folder, so you don't lose your current settings).
  10. Da Spud Lord

    Half of map despawning for seemingly no reason?

    Can you post your compile log?
  11. Da Spud Lord

    Brush texture going further than brush, and weird skybox displacement lighting

    Are you using skip textures or any other weird tool textures on any sides of the brushes in question? Try compiling with VVIS. VVIS adds data to the map that VRAD needs to calculate proper lighting, and without it VRAD will generate worse lighting than usual. I would advise running VVIS in Fast...
  12. Da Spud Lord

    New to map making. What should I Do and Not do when making a map?

    Hard disagree on this one. Save very often; Ctrl-S is your best friend in any crash-prone program like Hammer. That way, if Hammer crashes, you'll lose very little work and can easily pick up close to where you left off. If you go for long periods without saving, you're just massively increasing...
  13. Da Spud Lord

    If anyone's worried, I just had to work through some personal stuff is all. I'm doing fine, and...

    If anyone's worried, I just had to work through some personal stuff is all. I'm doing fine, and in fact much better now that my college semester has ended and I've had a chance to relax. I'll be back to my normal self soon, and the first thing I wanna do when I get back is finally fix No Man's...
  14. Da Spud Lord

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone. The last ~month has been a bit stressful, but it...

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone. The last ~month has been a bit stressful, but it helps a lot to know that people care.
  15. Da Spud Lord

    (SOLVED)make_triangles:calc_triangle_representation: cannot convert whit out models or displacements

    The compile seems to be running fine. What, exactly, is the issue?
  16. Da Spud Lord

    Hammer compiling old map version. HELP!

    Another busted model. Are these custom assets? If so, are you sure you've installed them correctly? Also I noticed your BSP has capital letters in it, which can cause unrelated issues on Linux servers. I'd advise making it all-lowercase. EDIT: Ok, looks like you figured out to delete it while...
  17. Da Spud Lord

    Hammer compiling old map version. HELP!

    Looks like you've got a bad prop that is causing your compile to fail. The hedgerow prop is probably the cause since that's the last thing in the log, if deleting that doesn't work then try deleting the fence prop.
  18. Da Spud Lord

    Map doesn't compile (and I don't get any errors)

    Areaportal leak ! File: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\sourcesdk_content\tf\mapsrc\Maps\pl_upward_f\pl_upward_f1_a6.lin Brush 16222: areaportal brush doesn't touch two areas Looks like you have an areaportal leak. Once you fix that, if the compile still takes...
  19. Da Spud Lord

    Multiple prop_dynamics are changing position during compile

    Well if the props are in your 3d skybox, keep in mind that the 3d skybox is (by default) 1/16th the size in-game as it is in Hammer. This also means the position of every track relative to every other track is reduced by 1/16. My guess is that this was caused by the tracks not being in the...
  20. Da Spud Lord

    How do I make the game display the username of someone who pressed a button?

    There is no way to obtain a player's username using map logic exclusively. This is the sort of thing that would only be possible with a sourcemod plugin, sadly.