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  1. Rikka

    KotH koth_italy

    I recommend putting up some pictures. As someone who pays zero attention to names, I may have played on this map, but I can't be sure without a reference
  2. Rikka

    Abusing Powers

    It was rude to change the map without warning you, but switching the map in preparation for an impromptu, let alone when only one person is playing on the server, isn't against the rules.
  3. Rikka


    You're a spitfire, and I know you will beat this. So best of my thoughts, and all my wishes.
  4. Rikka

    Maps usually get finish?

    Most maps are never finished. I think that's true of most creative exploits, and of life in general. Think of how many businesses fail in the first year, how many amateurs never make the pros. But especially with an art form, you have all types. Those who can't be satisfied with a work...
  5. Rikka

    ▶Overwatch Megathread◀

    If any of the marketing had told me that at any point I would have been a 1000 times more interested in battleborn
  6. Rikka

    Fr0z3n and Geit stepping down as staff

    I remember when they were just normal loser members, like the rest of us. And then they were heroes. Thanks for the service here, you guys, and good luck in your future endeavors.
  7. Rikka

    ARENA Ixem [Provisional Title] [Deleted]

    Rounds are very fast, which has its advantages, but I feel like its too much of a just round after round of the teams zerging each other and it just being a quick brute force thing. No games of cat and mouse or multiple movements across the map. I think the cap times are a bit too fast unless...
  8. Rikka

    Version Problem

    Then you just have to wait for an imp, I'm afraid.
  9. Rikka

    ▶Overwatch Megathread◀

    We going to legendary skin brag? Got that Countess Widowmaker one at like, level 3
  10. Rikka

    ▶Overwatch Megathread◀

    Rikka#1459 U.S.
  11. Rikka

    KotH Derailed

    Someone in the impromptu mentioned the lower route basically led half the team to the other team's spawn, and I think that's accurate. The teams end up too divided. I also think its a bit too tight around the point, not enough space for players to breathe.
  12. Rikka

    CP Plight

    Point B is quite difficult to approach as attackers as the every route is an uphill battle. The one way back flank might be too harsh as well. If you use it alone and they have sentries up, you're trapped and can only die. I do like fighting on point A, but more as the defenders.
  13. Rikka

    Stacking teams after a scramble.

    To Selentic, and Trotim, no, bad dog/wolf/whatever things. You know the switching teams after scramble thing isn't cool. I do see this as a good of the test over the fun of an individual situation. At the same time, the pocket thing isn't a problem. We've been over it. I thought it was...
  14. Rikka

    Why do you love steam convos?

    LeSwordfish: you ever heard parents refer to kids as "my children" when they're good and "your children" when they're bad LeSwordfish: if it's good, its god LeSwordfish: otherwise, it's sin LeSwordfish: that's just juvenile LeSwordfish: thats a playground game's logic holocaust bloopers: no...
  15. Rikka

    CTF Beach Party

    I'll give you some credit for the castle, as that means you recognize there is a problem with the sightlines. Thing is, there is still a problem with sightlines, and the castle just conducts spam.
  16. Rikka

    One-Shot Dungeons and Dragons Game

    So we were unable to play as planned Thursday duw to drop-outs. So right now, I'm going to reschedule it for Sunday, September 2nd, at 2:00. If this time does not work for you, let me know as soon as possible. If you have an alternative best time for a rescheduled game, post it here and...
  17. Rikka

    One-Shot Dungeons and Dragons Game

    I can say with some amount of certainty that we will be playing on Thursday, August 30 at 7:00 Central Time (Midwest of America). I've talked to all of the players about this, but if any issues come up let me know as soon as possible. Please get your character sheets to me as soon as...
  18. Rikka

    One-Shot Dungeons and Dragons Game

    Here's a PDF character sheet I stole from Okrag you can fill out.
  19. Rikka

    One-Shot Dungeons and Dragons Game

    It's that time of year again, folks. Time to try and get a game of D&D going around here. I'm planning to run some kind of one shot for Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition, and like to know if anyone is interested in joining in. The plan is to make use of RPG Table Online, which can be found...
  20. Rikka

    Why do you love steam convos?

    Prestige always knows how to make someone feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Rikka: got your shit in order, man. i'm impressed prestige has changed their name to prestige, the nosy neighbor. Littleedge disconnected. [K/O] Sypheren: Rikka i cant tell where i stand with you =\ prestige, the nosy...