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  1. nesman


    Hey welcome. Our forums have a lot of resources on them for learning how to map. Enjoy your stay.
  2. nesman

    CP Powerhouse Christmas

  3. nesman

    TF2M Migration Requests

    Unfortunately the plugin author did not include that permission. You are only able to manage your own download covers. Wish teams had more features but our hands are tied.
  4. nesman

    The Unimportant Announcement Thread

    Fixed some widgets not being in the right position on the site. Rolled out the appeal process.
  5. nesman

    How to post an appeal

    Posting an appeal has gotten a lot easier compared to the old system. All you need to do is fill out the form with the information we ask for here: After that is done we will review the request and post a reply in the thread...
  6. nesman

    The Unimportant Announcement Thread

    Overhauling the appeal process for punishments. With that we added a new plugin that makes Xenforo integration a LOT easier and smoother for everyone involved. We can use it for more than just appeals, stay tuned.
  7. nesman

    PL Chateau

  8. nesman

    Steam Login Issue

  9. nesman

    Steam Login Issue

    There appears to be some issues with Steam OpenID logins at the moment. This means logging into any of our sites (Feedback site or the Forums) through the "Login with Steam" button will not work. If you try to login on the forums it will present you with a register new user page; this is a...
  10. nesman

    The Unimportant Announcement Thread

    Cleaned up the download categories. They actually make sense now. Added Assets category. This has all previous asset related stuff under it. Added Content Packs category.
  11. nesman

    Looking for a health kit /ammo pack marker I've seen in some maps

    Is it the mvm marker that valve uses?
  12. nesman

    Dubious Re-Developments (A question about the leaked TF2 maps)

    We aren't allow redistribution of the leak files on our platform, and editing the maps is where it gets tricky. We're figuring it out with valve regarding if these files can be used at all because, like Lacry already brought up, some of the maps are at a 5% finished state and need another 95%...
  13. nesman

    The Unimportant Announcement Thread

    Removed unneeded plugin from the server. Updated the map testing page to reflect what to do with maps that have been on the bot list for more than a week.
  14. nesman

    Need help finding map

    @Katsu! :3 your services are needed.
  15. nesman

    mix some peas in there with it

    mix some peas in there with it
  16. nesman

    Discussion to Question Test Thread

    Testing converting a discussion thread to a question thread. Why? Well xenforo has a nicer questions thread feature that allows for the thread author to select a reply that answers their question and clearly marks it. We also have 14.5k posts in this sub-forum and I don't want to break anything...
  17. nesman

    The Unimportant Announcement Thread

    Enabled RSS feed to the discord.
  18. nesman

    Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    do you want shit fps?
  19. nesman

    PL Rumford Snowy

    nesman updated Rumford Snowy with a new update entry: optimization Read the rest of this update entry...