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  1. SenterySapper08

    DUEL trade_hoovyboxing_a1987_2020fix2

    trade_hoovyboxing_a1987_2020fix2 - A small map made for the primary purpose of Dueling Mini-games It's been a while, huh? I made this map as practice way back in 2016. It was awful. After procrastinating for a few years, I decided to head back in and finally put in the necessities. Things like...
  2. SenterySapper08

    KotH koth_medieval_2fortress

    koth_medieval_2fortress - A KOTH map that is a split between DeGroot Keep and 2fort. My second map! This one is for the 72hr Summer Jam. I used some videos from UEAK Crash to help with the Cap, respawn, and lighting. Thank you to all those who gave me help on my previous map because it...
  3. SenterySapper08

    TRADE HoovyBoxingTrade_Alpha1987 [Deleted]

    HoovyBoxingTrade_Alpha1987 - My first map that I created as small practice. My first map! This was practice for the Hammer software from Source SDK. This went through several stages even though it is simplistic. I am uploading this to also get a feel for TF2Maps' uploading system. Hopefully I...