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  1. Ravidge

    Soundscape Example Map 2016-03-07

    Associated tutorial:
  2. Ravidge

    Handrails - more of the same 1.0

    Handrails - more of the same The simple model from props_trainyard, taken to new lengths. 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512 units. all 4 skins present on all models, complete with proper collision meshes. file size for everything: 400 kb
  3. Ravidge

    Lighting Library 1.0 Lighting Library, all lighting setups you will ever need. Go to the Thread: for more info.
  4. Ravidge

    Plastic Bucket 1.0 A simple plastic bucket model, 4 colors: blue, red, green and beige. Install: Extract zip file in your /tf folder
  5. Ravidge

    Gemstone 2015-08-30 A gemstone. in 8 colors. 2 sizes (100% and 50% scale). White, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, black. It is refractive (only in-game, hammer can't cope with it) and has 2 lods, the lowest being 30 tris (lod0 is 190) As requested by...
  6. Ravidge

    The Re-Colored Pack 1.0 Colored Textures. Adding the red and blue variations of neutral stock textures. This pack contains 67 textures, total size for the whole thing: 355 kb. There is a slight issue though, They will not show any color in "3D Shaded Texture...
  7. Ravidge

    Metal Texture Pack 1.0 Extra Metal Textures. Blue Red White and Black variations of existing (valve) metal materials. This pack contains 25 textures, total size for the whole thing: 346 kb. There is a slight issue though, They will not show any color in "3D Shaded...
  8. Ravidge

    Danger: Warning - Sign pack 1.0 Warning signs. - May be icy ahead - Hill - Tunnel - Severe storm area - Rock slide area - Payload crossing - Cattle crossing - Dead end - Rough road - Stop ahead - Slow - Falling rocks - Headshot Danger signs. - TOXIC - RADIOACTIVE - SAW BLADES...
  9. Ravidge

    Pacific Palm Trees 1.0 Pacific Palm trees. 31 models. 9 tree shapes - 3 sizes of each tree 4 skybox models - 2 single trees and 2 clusters (3 and 6 trees) 4 available skins, various shades of green. Install by extracting the zip file to...
  10. Ravidge

    Hysteria b2 PLR Hysteria By: Ravidge A single stage version of plr_panic (last stage) A stand-alone version, with a new name. I'm treating this as a separate map from Panic. Check the changelog below for information on what's new. Upcoming fixes: Fix...
  11. Ravidge

    Fusion B2 Current version: b2 Fusion A capture the flag map. [Contest Entry] Winter/snow environment. Bases will be industrial, within the cold theme. Download available! How it works: Returntimer: 15 seconds. Capturezone is your teams intelligence. You can't...
  12. Ravidge

    Multi Stage Panic b2 Panic A Payload-Race map [CONTEST ENTRY] Set in a small industrial area with forest surroundings. DOWNLOAD IS NOW AVAILABLE! Bz2 download: Progress: Layout Detail Balancing <--...
  13. Ravidge

    Saxton Hills a2 This is my entry in the 72 hour competition. It's a bit of a mess and that is why I made this thread! List all the complaints you have thus far, I want to hear everything. I will release a update with the most important edits under the name...
  14. Ravidge

    Evergreen b4 Video: (OLD! Video is of the beta 3 release) People will probably find several design concepts that are similar to cp_badlands. And you'd be right, a few ideas from that map have been reused for the evergreen layout, but the arenas and flow...
  15. Ravidge

    System rc

    ctf_system A capture the flag map. Spytech theme with desert outdoors. Not based on any real location. Story: Red team has decided to build a secret hideout. Of course it would have to be in a inconspicious location, a place where no one would ever look. Once a suitable location had been...
  16. Ravidge

    Silvertrail RC2

    cp_silvertrail A gravelpit-style capture point map. Alpine mining theme, based on silver mining industry in Yukon (Canada). Release candidate (basically final)! After having their base of operations blown up in the big Gold Rush, red team decides to invest in the silver industry. This time...
  17. Ravidge

    Pretend You're Xyzzy (Cards Against Humanity) Game Thread

    Here you go , they are all just general mapping things. Not too related to TF2M or its people.
  18. Ravidge

    Possibly new hammer editor?

    For TF2? Probably not, this thing has 0 support for brushes.
  19. Ravidge

    Puxorb's First Desktop PC is a pretty good resource for these kinds of things, at least to get a starting point for your build around a expected price (it even has different regions/countries). I think it updates at least once a month or so.
  20. Ravidge

    Mangy's Frontier Essay

    BUMP I think this is too great of a read to get buried in the forum depths, and I bet a lot of the newer members here have not seen it, or knew it existed. It's a great read about how to make decisions based on actual data and observation. And how to properly do iterative testing. Here's a...