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  1. TheBladeRoden

    Artillery, turrets, and, well, there's not a third thing, but still, oh my!

    Due to popular request I'm reuploading this to a working link
  2. TheBladeRoden

    Signs with added gray skins 1.0 These are the default intel/cp signs with new gray skins
  3. TheBladeRoden

    Domination Prefab 2015-08-30 *updated 8/26/08* This has been updated to reflect new gameplay additions for dom_complex. -starting neutral gray signs (requires these models -Red has a new starting base -Setup...
  4. TheBladeRoden

    SFM megathread

    Cmon Everybody post what their tutorial ended up like! Not mine but funny
  5. TheBladeRoden

    Science, why is it taking so long to connect to TF2 servers?

    Update: Either that 1% fragmentation made a hell of a difference, or it was my antivirus.
  6. TheBladeRoden

    An argument for bots on our servers

    Does RED even attack on 5 CP maps yet?
  7. TheBladeRoden

    Science, why is it taking so long to connect to TF2 servers?

    Seems to be servers in general, but especially the ones in my favorites :(
  8. TheBladeRoden

    Science, why is it taking so long to connect to TF2 servers?

    It seemed to get better a couple months ago. But now my connect times are out of control again. Just tonight I timed it, and I was sitting at "getting server info" for 3 minutes and "sending client info" for 5 minutes before I quit and tried again.
  9. TheBladeRoden

    Fill me in?

    I wouldn't really know, myself
  10. TheBladeRoden

  11. TheBladeRoden Mapping Assignment Frenzy

    I'd love to know how to record 72 hours of mapping without filling up my 1TB hard drive.
  12. TheBladeRoden

    TF2M Motivational Thread.

    aww I thought the intent of this thread was going to be to help motivate us to work on our long forgotten maps. :unsure:
  13. TheBladeRoden


    I'll have to hear if it doesn't suck
  14. TheBladeRoden

    The Christmas Sale Thread

    Bought Bad Company 2 (now that everyone's moved on to Vietnam -_-)
  15. TheBladeRoden

    TF2Maps Mafia

    Maybe the mafia died in their sleep *hope hope*
  16. TheBladeRoden

    TF2Maps Mafia

    Mafia are the ultimate capitalists with their stance against any governmental regulations of business, e.g. laws against murdering innocent people every night
  17. TheBladeRoden

    TF2Maps Mafia

    Hmm I can't decide who is acting more suspiciously, so I randomly picked to Vote: Numerous
  18. TheBladeRoden

    TF2Maps Mafia

    If I were Mafia, I would have murdered someone other than Icarus, cause then the next day he'd still be a top suspect, and they could have gotten 2 freebies that way.
  19. TheBladeRoden


    I can only get the spawn command to work on the manor map :/
  20. TheBladeRoden

    TF2Maps Mafia

    I'm only lurking cause I keep forgetting this game is still going on