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  1. DioJoestar

    Model Boxing Sack

    Boxing Sack - A not finished boxing sack with team colors for the respawn rooms A not finished boxing sack with team colors for the respawn rooms I found in an old HDD. Includes the sack and a support, with an axis in the chains for a dynamic prop (in case you manage to work a realistic...
  2. DioJoestar

    Model M515 Jeep Mutt

    M515 Jeep Mutt - Another vehicle as a prop A simple Jeep with two textures (jungle and desert) with two LOD's. Sketchfab preview
  3. DioJoestar

    About trading

    There's any rule that forbids about trading here? Because I need to sell something related to Steam and I cant find any other place for post it.
  4. DioJoestar

    Model Skybox Void

    Skybox Void - A spinning vortex/void for the skybox. A spinning vortex/void for the skybox.
  5. DioJoestar

    Brush to Model

    So, Bang! did a software to convert a full map into a single model and he hasn't share it with the community? Here is the full interview. I'm a bit disappointed about this, almost all the programs that we use are from the community for the community (unless the official ones). NOTE: Don't...
  6. DioJoestar

    Model Big gate

    Big gate - A big gate with a frame.
  7. DioJoestar

    Model Hologram Capture Point

    Discussion created for resource.
  8. DioJoestar

    Retrospective 2 - RETF2 Tournament

    Like the last year, and with the support of eXtv, Arena Respawn, Kritzkast, Ready Stady Pan, and Valve; Retrospective 2 is almost here hosted by the RETF2 Collective. The tournament has differents modes (Stady pan, Highlander, Arena respawn, 6v6 newbies & senior, and Ultiduo) with a bunch of...
  9. DioJoestar

    cp_nonameASD [OPEN][ALPHA]

    Focused on an attack/defense map, but can be a 5cp (gorge style). It was a try of a train warehouse or like. If someone finishes it, at least, credit me.
  10. DioJoestar

    Change the map description

    So many time ago Valve removed those files that defines the objective of each map (<mapname>_<lang>.txt) and added all that content to the respective file of each language (tf_<lang>.txt). Exist any entity for I can use just a string (like #cp_gorge_description) or I need to make a new TXT file...
  11. DioJoestar

    Problem with control points

    I'm working on a Attack/Defense map. It has three control points, all owned by the RED team and locked (unless the first). After the BLU team caps the first, the second doesn't unlocks automatically. Their index are 0, 1 and 2. Properties of the second CP