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    VPK doesn't extract

    Last month I found out that no longer can I just drop a VPK archive into vpk.exe (or a shortcut) to extract the contents said archive; all it does is generate the folders found within the archive, but not the actual files in them. It will still, however, successfully generate an archive...

    [Fixed] Hammer won't launch on Windows 10 20H2?

    I recently performed a clean installation/upgrade to Windows 10 20H2 (currentl build: 19042.804) and just found out that hammer.exe won't launch here (it worked under 20H1). Counter-Strike: Source's Hammer works fine but not TF2's. A friend of mine who did a clean installation of 20H2 also seems...

    What's the deal with nodraw solids inside displacements?

    Geometry such as rocks, cliffs, ground... every time I look into them in a map, there's a nodraw block inside. What makes me wonder is the fact that there are so many of them instead of just one to seal the map from below. It would be weird if it was to prevent players from somehow clipping...

    (delete this thread)

    (solved it all myself - this thread should be removed)

    Without a sky_camera entity, should I use the toolsskybox texture or the '2D' one?

    I have some doubts when it comes to using either texture on a map that doesn't have 3D skyboxes (the use of a sky_camera entity). For some reason, I've always thought that using the regular skybox texture would, sort of, 'prepare' the map for possible external skyboxes, while its '2D' variant...

    How do I give Control Point strings for Custom names?

    I'd like my map to read the Control Point names from a text file, similarly to how official maps work (e.g. Dustbowl's HUD names use "#Dustbowl_cap_1_A", being read from tf_english.txt and other localization files). I'd mainly want to do this so that if I ever want to rename a Control Point, I...

    Is it possible to achieve better point_spotlight effects?

    There were no spotlights before but I recently added them under the props. Initially, there were two on each, inspired by the design seen on maps like tr_target. It didn't really look that great so I left each prop at just one point_spotlight. I can't really tell if it now looks better or not...

    Part of a face isn't drawn when func_detailing

    This has been an issue for like 2 years now and, though it bugged me for a while, I ended up not bothering anymore after several failed attempts to fix it (the only one is Not func_detailing). It's still pretty much solid when it comes to collisions. I checked the portal file but no visleafs...

    Should 3D Skyboxes be func_visclusted?

    As stated on the wiki, it is used to (prevent the creation?) of visleafs inside its volume in case there are lots of props forming a symmetrical surrounding. However, I've only seen it being used in Lumberyard, or at least the only map I can recall right now that makes use of the entity inside...

    Is there a way to specify the surface type to a Clip/PlayerClip brush?

    I've smoothed player movement on a detailed wooden staircase by 'clipping' it all, which now produces default footstep sounds. I would like to keep the wooden sounds but I seem to be unable to. I've tried editing the 'toolsclip' VMT file and set its "surfaceprop" parameter to "wood" (from...

    Custom soundscapes, game-sounds and particles

    Hi. I'll soon be updating two of my maps in which the above files are present. One only uses a custom soundscape file, while the other map will be using custom particles, as well as a custom file that redefines an existing sound (and its properties) in one of the "game_sounds_*.txt" -- I don't...

    Active GoldSrc mappers/mappers' community?

    TL;DR: I've just started mapping for CS1.6 using GoldSrc's Hammer. It's very different to the one for Source and I have a few questions to ask to people who ever created maps for that engine. The first time I wanted to create a map was for Counter-Strike 1.6 (GoldSrc engine), but I couldn't...

    nav_edit - Is there a way to 'easily' create areas on complex displacements?

    The automatic NAV generation keeps creating a bunch of areas on flat and/or noisy displacements when that's not always needed, and keeps "confusing" TF Bosses while they walk around these spots. I created areas on ever flat surface from scratch to prevent that from happening and decrease the...

    Why are the official .VMF's so leaky and broken?

    A friend of mine recently decided to remake official maps using the official .VMF's that were published by Valve on June 15, 2009. However, the two maps he touched are already broken when trying to compile them, either giving leaks or fatal errors related to areaportals. I helped him fixing a...

    TF2 Maps' Workshop - Uploading the uncompressed version

    Important: if this is considered an exploit or violation of a rule, please let me know and I'll trash the thread (or do so yourself if you're an admin). I'm not encouraging anyone uploading uncompressed versions of their maps; should this thread have a point if you're not willing explaining...

    If anybody is trusted by Valve, please report them a bug. TL;DR included

    I'm tired of sending actual bug reports and that only the 30% of them are read (linking a "proof" video and tracking the views of it is the key; two of them haven't been watched in months after the reports). People like @ics and some other mappers here once mentioned to have reported things and...

    trigger_capture_area - is it possible not to block a cap?

    I'm trying to get two trigger_capture_area brush entities next to each other, in which only one lets the capturing continue its progress even if there are enemies inside the volume. Is there anything I can do to achieve it? Thanks.

    [PSA] The "ambient_generic" requires additional inputs for a few things to work

    I'm not sure if this is already known (I did some research regarding an issue but I found no results), nor if it's a problem in TF2 or the Source engine itself: at least 3 of the direct properties on ambient_generic's main tab don't seem to work at all without giving the entity respective...

    team_control_point_master's 'Cap Layout' problem

    Edit: the fix was as simple as starting the layout from "0" and not from "1".

    Is it me or Hammer actually crashes a lot?

    I'm not sure whether it's related to all the Engine's games or TF2's one: after spending about 20 minutes on Hammer and saving the file, and then compiling the map (or not), closing Hammer will result in the tool crashing to desktop, either with an error message or simply freezing for 3 seconds...